All over the world, men and women alike are waking up to the need to dismantle the patriarchal structures that have dominated global civilisation for thousands of years. The changes being sought will transform our relationship with the natural world and our conception of the divine. The global resurgence of the divine feminine attempts to counter-balance the lopsidedness of male-centric religion and culture which have brought us dangerously out of synch with all living beings. Women are coming together in unprecedented numbers to meet in circle with a spiritual, womb-based focus, and a crescendo of outrage is calling for the restoration of the wastelands left in the footsteps of patriarchy.

The core of mystic wisdom has traditionally been portrayed as distinctly female. The gnostic Sophia, the Virgin Mary, Quan Yin and the Qaba are all key religious symbols with a clear feminine spiritual profile. The soul aspect of human psychology takes the form of a woman requiring liberation from a sub-human oppressor—the hero rescues the princess from the dragon’s lair.

This feminine aspect of our spiritual nature has been repressed, obscured and wounded throughout history, but never entirely eliminated. The Mother of God shapeshifts depending on place and cultural epoch, but in essence consistently gestates the seed to viability in the hermetically sealed vessel of her womb. This important aspect of goddess symbolism underpins virtually all of the world’s patriarchal religions, transmitting receptive, nurturing, and transformative qualities underneath the surface. But is it the womb that’s a metaphor for the retort, or the vessel that’s a metaphor for the womb?

The emergence of patriarchy more than 5,000 years ago fundamentally shifted our relationship with the natural world. The 13 month calendar that harmonized with the reproductive cycle of life-givers was abandoned in favor of an irregular 12-month calendar with extra days interspersed.[1] This not only disconnected the life givers from their own biological cycles and each other, but also from the macrocosmic wheels that determine the flux of the natural world, and to which these women served as bridges. We became disharmonized as a species.

Women have served a vital role as custodians of cyclical recurrence throughout history, and when this is disrupted, time future is disconnected from time past. The continuous wave becomes particle only, finite in time, making it mineable, exploitable and extractable, and ultimately soulless. This shift in consciousness paved way for the exploitation of natural resources that we’re seeing today, which disregards the impact for unborn continuity and ancestral obligation.

The 12-month calendar heralded the age of exploitation. The life force became objectified and separate from the observer. Large-scale extraction of substances from the Earth and its beings enabled changes in human behavior such as agriculture and land ownership. The caves of the Earth where no longer the sacred womb spaces of a living being, and were reduced to inanimate resources.

The world soul, Anima Mundi, is what animates the earth. It is simultaneously substance and vibration: the continuous flux of the seasons and the individual leaf that make that flux possible.

The loving embrace of this gravitational field extracts matter from sunlight and excretes it into the Earth’s atmosphere. This thin film of the biosphere is the auric realm of the Earth’s emanations. Oil, gas, minerals and other precious substances currently extracted from the planet for short-lived gain ARE the soul of the world. We cannot possibly claim to fathom why or how or for what the earth accumulates, crystallizes and holds these substances in its swelling body.

We sought the answer by trying to reproduce the secret womb-spaces in the echoing cathedrals of the middle ages. The cult of the Virgin continued, but the patriarchal year had broken our connection with our closest source of wisdom: lunar dreamtime.

The rape of woman is the rape of the earth. The biosphere is treated precisely as we collectively treat woman. The fury of the #metoo movement provides a glimmer of hope for the planet – the hope that violent destruction will no longer be tolerated, and that the remembering will come in time. It also reflects the despair of men who realize the urgency of saving the feminine within themselves, or face being cannibalized by patriarchy.

The Great Mother’s hard-won substances, accumulated over eons for purposes unknown to us, are no different than the precious colostrum of the new mother’s milk, or the thick dark drop of a maiden’s first womb-blood. The veneration we show the one has direct implications for the outcome of the other. Although the ultimate purpose must remain unknown to us, whether for oil, gas, minerals, menstrual blood or colostrum, we must dive deeply into the biophilic veneration of the secretions of the fecund Earth.[2]

For a few more years She lies still streaming abundantly at our feet. We have very little time now. We must decide whether to accelerate our inner growth to a degree that allows us to emerge from His watchful gaze – the gaze that wishes to expose, undress, ravish, possess and exploit. To do this we must embrace the hidden, the dark, the non-rational, because it is here that the deeply biophilic can be found. We must find within ourselves the lunar pull that draws life out of the oceans and babies out of the womb. The dirty, the wild, the dangerous, the unhinged. This is what your masculine light must marry. The dark of the moon.

The notion of a world soul has little meaning without a world body through which its transformation can take place.

The collective emanations from the individual cells of the body of mankind must harmonize with existing frequencies of help that permeate our great universe. All over the world men and women are recognizing this possibility while around them patriarchy implodes.

To manifest the world soul, we must emerge from these apocalyptic times sensually, deeply in love with all living matter. The view of living beings as wealth is abhorrent.

Patriarchal structures are upheld by women and men alike, and women must extract themselves from the deep conditioning of co-dependency, enabling and garden variety bitchiness. Internalized patriarchy is as deadly as external exploitative structures, for the planet and all its life.

Until these toxic structures are dismantled, the body of the world will have little chance of attaining a state where a habitable soul can be collected and crystallized in its atmosphere.

So the world soul is dependent on the body, and vice versa. Neither us humans as a species, nor the planet as a spiritualized being, can move forward without first honoring the Planetary Body.

[1] Helen Hye Sook Hwang.

[2] Mary Daly.

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Kristina Turner is a writer and translator who’s been a student of the Gurdjieff teaching since 1993. She now focuses her work on women’s circles and the re-emergence of the divine feminine. For more information and contact details, see

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