It has been said that a person becomes a true human only when his or her latent spiritual powers awaken. And this can be achieved when activating the innate power by will or by praying or in deep meditation and body control. However, there is another way related to the energy of the holy places, where someone may go for soul therapy or, occasionally, body therapy. Since the beginning of time, every religion has had and still has its own holy places. Those who visit them, even if there is not a temple nearby but only healing water or even healing mud, do not realize that they seek therapy in places where the “spirit breathes”. I am not talking about the Holy Spirit of the Christian faith, but for the reviving etheric energy of our Globe that affects and sets the chakras in motion, thus leading the person closer to the Divine.

The Delphi Omphalos

The ancient people were not as ignorant as many believe today. They had their Initiates who knew many of Nature’s secrets and were more sensitive to the natural forces than our modern world. They knew how to distinguish places of power, land spots where the “spirit was breathing” and there they set the megalithic stones known as “Menhir” and “Dolmen”, they built temples, oracles, pyramids, mounts called “mesa” by the North American Indians, stupas in Asia, pagodas in China and Japan, ziggurats in ancient Mesopotamia. Later, when Christianity prevailed, Cathedrals, Monasteries where built at the same spots, usually on top of the ancient temples, often using the same stones or marble of the ancient building. And here arises a question – What is going on?

Magi, Seers, Hierophants of the old ages knew, as quantum scientists of our time know, that the human mind searches the secrets of the so-called energy and magnetism, as well as their relationship with visible matter. In 1960, Russian scientists: Gondzarof, Moroz and Makarof discovered that the magnetic energy runs in lines throughout our planet forming a net that covers Earth. The three scientists marked on a map all the known places where the ancient Initiates had founded temples, monuments and worship centers and soon they realized that knots were formed at those places by two energy lines crossing each other. In 1921, researcher Alfred Watkins named this energy lines “Ley lines” and claimed that they have always been carriers of cosmic energy. These lines were also called “telluric currents” after the word “Tellus” which means Earth or Globe.

The way this net is covering Earth is sculptured and very well shown on the Omphalos Stone or Navel Stone at the archaeological site of Delphi, Greece. Οnce it was located at the Temple of Greek god Apollo, god of light, music and healing but today is inside the Delphi Museum. On this Omphalos, one can also see carved the word Ga, which means Gaia or Earth. Now, what is an Omphalos? The ancient Hierophants, being very sensitive to the energies of our planet, could easily trace the telluric currents and the places where these were crossing each other forming powerful spots or power knots. And there, they placed a large ovoid stone or sometimes conical as are seen in the ancient Egyptian temples. This way they marked the energy knot, while the structural composition of the stones (usually from granite or marble with crystalline structure) helped them function as energy capacitors.

According to the Greek philosopher and historic writer Apollodoros, the Greek word “Omphalos”, which in modern Greek language also defines the so-called belly button, has a special meaning. It consists of two components. The first one is OM. This sound was used in the Eleusinian Mysteries at the closing of the ritual when the High Priest was saying to the Initiates: “KONX ΟΜ ΡΑΧ, which meant “BE SILENT, DO NOT ANNOUNCE WHAT YOU HAVE WHITNESSED. The OM sound resembles the AUM which is used in Hindu mantras.

The second component of the word “Omphalos” derives from the ancient Greek word “FAO-FO” which means “I speak”. This way, the word “Omphalos” defines a place where god speaks, sometimes through the voice of a Seeress as was Pythia of the Delphi Oracle. Also, the word “Delphi” or “Delphis” means Dolphin and chasm or gap, and it denotes an opening at that place through which fumes are coming up from beneath the ground, making the seeress dizzy and were probably energizing a special function of her brain. So, it was said that sometimes goddess Gaia or Mother Earth was speaking through the voice of Pythia, and other times god Apollo

Many such stones were famous in the ancient South East Mediterranean region. For example, the one in the city of Sardis of Asia Minor and the Omphalos of the island of Delos, Greece, where god Apollo and his sister goddess Artemis or Diana, in Latin, were born, which had a snake sculptured around it showing the movement of the energy current under the Temple. Three more worth mentioning are the Omphalos of Babylon, with the Babylonian Zodiac carved on it, the Omphalos at the Temple of Ammon Ra in the desert of Siwa, Egypt and at the Temple of the same god in ancient Thebes or Karnak, Egypt. The two sphinx figures shown on this last Omphalos relate this Temple with the Temple of Apollon in Delphi, which had similar sphinx statues on top of two pillars standing in front of its entrance.

The symbolism of Omphalos as cosmic energy center and the geodetic system can be found in other civilizations, too. In south America, for example, the name of the ancient Peruvian capital Cuzco literarily means “navel” or “omphalos” and it acted as such during the time of the great empire of the Incas. Again, according to the Sumerian mythology, when mythic Oannes, an amphibious demon, half man-half fish and founder of their civilization, appeared from the depths of the sea, he held a basket made of straw, symbolizing the energy lines of the geodetic system of our planet, just like the sculptured net on the Delphi Omphalos.

Today, the Greek Orthodox Churches have a special place at the center of the building, usually under the Dom of the Byzantine style or even at the Basilicas, that is called Omphalos or Eagle and bears the same symbolism as the ancient Omphalos. Now, why “eagle”? Because, according to the Greek mythology, two eagles flying from different directions met one another just above Delphi – and this is one more symbolism of the two powerful energy currents that cross each other underneath the Temple of god Apollo.

A few words now about the snake and its symbolism. As you probably know, the ancient Celts called the telluric lines “snakes”. The snake is the most known ancient symbol of the Earth “spirit” or vital energy. The magnetic centers and vortexes of this energy connect our planet and our physical bodies with magic atmospheres, via that force in us which we call “fire serpent” or “Kundalini”. 

The culture of central American people, too, had the snake as one of its most important features symbolizing the moving energy of Earth, while in the Far East we can notice that one of the meanings of the dragon of the Chinese culture is about the movement of the telluric currents. The Chinese people also speak of the yin and yang, or female and male energies. They say that the yin or female energy runs through the valleys, while the yang or male energy moves along the mountain tops. In the same way, the pyramids of ancient Egypt are considered as having yang or male energy, while the river Nile that runs across the valley has yin or female energy.

Energy net formed by the telluric currents

 At older times, in places where energy crossings had been traced, the Menhir stones were placed in such a way that they showed the direction of one energy artery towards another one. Later, these stones were used as street markers. This way, the Temples, the Oracles and the Altars as well as the healing centers of the ancient world were as acupuncture points on the body of our planet, agents that connected and still connect the cosmic energy with the planetary one, and transferring it to those who went or going to visit such places to pray or meditate or sleep for healing.

The most powerful and most important energy center in Greece is the sacred rock of Acropolis, under which run many telluric currents and is connected energetically with Delphi and the Great Pyramid of Giza at Cairo, Egypt. Goddess Athena, or Latin Minerva, had her main Temple of top of the Acropolis rock. It is the well-known Parthenon built by the famous ancient Greek architect Iktinos. Goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom, had a snake depicted on her shield as one of her symbols in mastering the lower or earth energies, while the owl was her symbol of mastering the higher or celestial energies. Parthenon is constructed in such a way, that draws a vast amount of cosmic energy and spreads it everywhere over the city of Athens and outside of it. This energy is multiplied by smaller temples built near the Parthenon, by the statues still remaining on the rock today, the walls surrounding the rock, the caves and the tunnels under it.

 It is well known that, in many places, there are natural tunnels deep in the ground underneath our feet. These were used by the Initiates as connecting routes between the temples, or were made to function as sanctums, healing centers and sanctuaries where one could experience divine visions. Christian churches have been built above such caves, not only in Greece but at other countries as well. For example, the Cathedral of Virgin Mary in Chartre, France, has been built over a cavern, considered as an area of tremendous energy forces. Inside this Cathedral is a painting of Mother Mary with small snakes on her lap symbolizing these energies. Today, in that underground location, people continue to worship the Black Virgin while a statue of her has been placed in the Cathedral showing a snake underneath her feet.

It is said that there is a sacred stone inside that cavern, symbol of the ancient goddess Bellisama, wife and sister of the sun god Belenus or Bel or Bellus, as he was called by the Phoenicians. In Greece, there are also churches devoted to Virgin Mary or Panagia, as we call her, a word which means excessively holy and derives from the Greek word “Pangaia”, which means Earth. In some of these places there are drawings on which snakes are shown with Mother Mary.

Sometimes, the subterranean tunnels were formed as Oracles and were used for necromancy. For example, such was the case of the Necromantic Oracle near River Acheron in northern Greece. River Acheron was considered a passage to Hades or kingdom of the dead. Places like the Necromantic Oracle of Acheron were also considered “gates” through which one could “hear the voice of earth”, “breathe its breath”, or they were used for initiation rites. Christians have built churches over many underground constructions sealing these “gates” and guarding their mysteries.

Another very important factor when choosing the right place for a Temple or an Oracle had been the existence of running water above or under the surface of the landscape. Water is a cleansing and purifying agent. It has been scientifically known that it is a reviving element and can neutralize negative radiation. Thus, when a subterranean water artery meets a telluric current, it becomes immediately magnetized and acquires therapeutic qualities. Also, it is said that when a clockwise subterranean water artery meets a Ley line at a certain place, their combination gives eloquence to a priest or a philosopher standing and speaking on the spot.

The telluric currents are not always benevolent since everything has a positive and a negative side. Therefore, there are negative energies in some currents. Stone structures as the ones of Stonehenge are said to have been made to counteract the negative energy. Also, at some of these places, pyramidic or vaulted buildings were built because these forms can refract and equalize the negative energy. This energy can be felt mainly during sleep and if a person happens to rest on such a place, when he or she wakes up, there is a heavy feeling on his or her chest and even some pain.

In this presentation, I cannot but mention the importance of the celestial topography when the Initiates were choosing a place not only for temples and other holy centers but also when founding cities. Space is the source of all life. Everything comes from there. Therefore, the Initiates always had in their mind the set-up of the constellations, the zodiacal circle, the sun, the moon and other planets of our solar system.  For example, it has been observed that the Pyramids of Giza along with various ancient Egyptian temples and smaller pyramids further down on that country, seem to follow the pattern of the constellation of Orion or “Sah” of the ancient Egyptians, symbolizing god Osiris of the Egyptian mythology.

The Pyramid of Cheops at Giza, Cairo, Egypt In front of it the Sphinx, symbol of the four elements.

The Sphinx in front of the Great Pyramid symbolizes the constellation of Leo, or the “Tep tepi”, which means the beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilization during the age of Leo – in other words, 12000 years ago as stated by researchers Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock in their book: Keeper of Genesis, and not 2500 years as is generally believed today. River Nile that runs through the Egyptian valley, symbolizes our Galaxy. Also, the ancient city of Heliopolis or city of the sun, which was founded at a certain distance from the pyramids of Giza, symbolizes Sirius or Isis, the wife of Osiris/Orion. Sirius is the brightest star of the constellation of the Great Canine or Dog.

Four air shafts exist inside the Great Pyramid of Giza constructed by two at the same side of it. When the shafts located at the northern side reach their opening, one of them faces the star A Draconis or Constellation of Dragon and the other shows the star B of Ursa Minor or Little Bear, which is known as the Polar star. The shafts located at the southern side face Sirius and Z Orionis, one of the stars of the so-called belt of Orion. Looking at the three pyramids of Giza from above, one can see that they are in a way that pictures on the ground the design of Orion’s belt.

Another researcher and writer, Jean Richer, in his book: The Sacred Geography of the Hellenic World, says that shrines built in several places on the mainland of Greece and on some islands of the Aegean Sea, were forming the zodiacal circle with its center at Delphi where is the temple of god Apollo or Sun. Another zodiacal circle had been formed with its center at the Temple of Amon at Siwa, Egypt. Churches were also built following the pattern of a constellation. According to the French researcher Luis Charpendier, in his book: The Mysteries of the Cathedral in Chartres, France, churches dedicated to Virgin Mary have been built in such a way at several locations of that country, that they form the constellation of Virgo. Also, he writes that the Benedictine abbeys on the Greek Island of Kos were forming the constellation of the Great Arctos or Bear or Ursa Major, symbolizing the goddess Artemis, the Arctos of the Greek mythology, who was a virgin goddess like Virgin Mary.

Mathematics, geometry, trigonometry and even musical octaves were equally important factors in choosing the proper spot for holy centers and main cities. Wishing to picture the celestial symmetry on Earth, the Initiates of old times applied linear and circular trigonometry. Thus, the three “Omphalos” places of Delphi, Sardis and Delos which were very important centers of ritual, form one of the many triangles of cosmic power at the ancient Mediterranean world. A bigger one was formed by Delphi, Delos and Amon-Ra Temple in Egypt. Other holy places and temples were forming squares of cosmic power, circles, hexagons and straight lines, starting from North Scotland down to Stonehenge and various ancient sites in Europe and reaching the ancient Egypt, Asia Minor and Middle East.

As shown by researcher Robert Temple, in his book: The Sirius Mystery, Omphalos centers had been built at different places along latitudinal bands with 1 degree distance between them, covering the South East Mediterranean Sea area and forming a pattern that demonstrates what can be called the oracle octave (p. 30). Thus, they had created a powerful vibration of harmony from Greece and Asia Minor down to Egypt and from Libya to ancient Mesopotamia. 

Today, it is generally believed that everything about Earth or Gaia has already been said, so science has now turned its eye to the outer space. However, the study of Earth as a research subject has not reached its final point since people usually look at the Earth case only superficially. Unfortunately, this superficiality makes most people not to respect mother Nature, unlike the ancients who were worshiping it globally as one of their most important goddesses. The absence of respect to the planet that hosts humanity makes many of us, individually or collectively, to be careless and indifferent to the globe’s future which is part of our future as humanity. And this has certainly its consequences.

The existence of the energy net which covers our planet, the subterranean or surficial waters, the physical tunnels, the celestial topography, mathematics, geometry and trigonometry, in other words the factors that were so much valued by the ancient Initiates, all are inextricably related to the theory of the vibrating Earth spirit or “Gaia spirit”. Mother Gaia is alive, full of powers which are enforced or diminished by the Moon and other planets of our solar system, not only on the physical plane but on spiritual planes too. But with us being unrespectful and careless, severe problems can be caused to the flow of this energy and to Gaia’s powers.

The Initiates of old times believed that the celestial powers are very well connected with the Earth spirit, especially at the holy places which they looked after with great care. And this is what we should also do in our present times to safeguard those places from the corroding procedure caused by air, water and earth pollution, from fire and deforestation. Thus respecting our mother Gaia will keep the flow of the energies running smoothly to the benefit of all beings on this planet. Even though it is not possible for us to define these energies, unless we have the right device or developed psychical powers, they absolutely affect our body, our mind and our emotions in a very particular way – a fact that is very interesting for all of us to keep in mind.



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