We’re currently grappling with two contradictory and competing narratives which are entirely incompatible.

We want to ‘save’ the planet. And we want year-on-year economic growth.

Bizarrely we see these conflicting aspirations as somehow in rapturous harmony with each other. We see them as opposites which we optimistically hope can be reconciled. Intuitively we know they can’t.

This is just the latest incarnation of an age-old dynamic. It’s an equation apparently without a solution. Without the missing links the equation itself may have to change. 

These conflicts have always existed in one form or another. They are part of the esoteric algorithm powering this place. The Earth is effectively a factory for both manufacturing and resolving conflict. This is precisely why it’s here: to act as schoolroom-cum-forcing house to ensure that infant humanity eventually comes of age and transcends its ignorance.

These clashing opposites exist everywhere: wealth versus poverty, sacred versus profane, spiritual versus material and evolutionary versus anti-evolutionary. The list is almost endless. Politics and indeed many other areas of human endeavour are powered almost exclusively by conflict. Put crudely, remove conflict and you deprive the Earth of its intrinsic purpose.

Humanity has long been bifurcated by two principal tribes and two clashing tides – and never more so than now. Viewed with a Walt Disney-like simplicity this is the perpetual battle on both the physical and the inner planes between the Forces of Light and Darkness. Essentially this is the well-trodden battleground where the fight between good and evil takes place.

This macabre dance has been playing out since Atlantean times. But it is so far back in a virtually unknown past that we can remember nothing about it. In those days the forces of darkness were described as black magicians, dangerous exponents of the wicked so-called Left Hand Path. Today they have many different names.

Forces of Darkness may sound grimly religious in its tone but these powers are very real and have a pivotal role in shaping world affairs usually by impeding the opposing forces of light and progress. Put crudely, these Forces of Darkness are those anti-evolutionary elements who wish to impede human spiritual progress and ensure that we continue to be mired in the miasma of materialism. Conversely, the Forces of Light wish to enable and enhance humanity’s destiny to evolve into the spiritual departments of nature.

The dramatis personae change throughout the ages. But the dynamics are always the same. Progress is resisted until such a time as change becomes inevitable. And then the resistance begins again.

The traditional and time-honoured way for human beings to resolve the conflicts that exist between them is that old fail-safe of war and its usual ritualistic slaughter. And there are plenty of these on offer at the moment – not to mention the mass demonstrations of one sort of another which are taking place in at least half the countries of the world. It is a kind of epidemic.

Broadly speaking the Forces of Darkness consist of the self-interested, the greedy, the materialistic and the power-hungry. These forces are both cunning and energetic. Their invasion into the thought-forms of the world is certainly comprehensive.

So who are the likely candidates for membership of this sinister and shadowy brotherhood in the modern world? The truth is they’re everywhere.

Let’s start with the finances. Money manipulators, the chief string-pullers in financial institutions creating ever more aggressive capitalism, executives heading global corporations and billionaires are among the paid-up membership. Politicians, governments and their agencies (including the military) provide another rich source. The mainstream media, popular culture and religious fundamentalism are a third happy hunting ground for spiritual reactionaries.

These then are the tribes and their activities provide two distinct energy currents circulating on this earth and clashing in both visible and invisible tides. Both these forces now have the technology and the networks to intensively communicate their competing litanies.

Are either of these two armies prevailing? Or is it a stalemate? Popular perception (manipulated as it is by fakery and fiction) is heavily skewed towards the pessimistic view that the planet is doomed, there is no hope and we’re all going to die from starvation, drowning or heat exhaustion precisely twelve years from now.  Youngsters are seeking counselling to help them cope with this unfolding nightmare of an impending environmental Armageddon.

But as esotericists are keenly aware, the majority view is usually misguided and frequently wrong. History is littered with examples of mass ignorance. Look what they did to Socrates, Paracelsus and Giordano Bruno.

Perhaps rather than succumbing to the fashionable and fatalistic gloom, there is much emerging evidence that we should be optimistic in our outlook. If humanity had cringed and crumbled at every major hurdle and barrier to progress in the past, we would not have survived thus far.

Human potential for growth and its innate capacity to solve problems is what has created our current flawed world. It is important to remember that alongside the scientific, information and digital revolutions of recent decades, something else is happening to humanity. This ‘something’ is often very hard to detect among the deception and deceit which characterises much human interaction. But it is still there.

As the Forces of Light and Darkness slug it out openly and covertly another great leap forward is inwardly and invisibly unfolding. This delicate flower will not fully blossom possibly for many decades or even centuries but one day its buds will burst open.

It may sound absurd but we have no choice but to believe it since we model the world with our words and thoughts as well as our deeds. Humanity is poised for the biggest spiritual uplift it has ever experienced and this will not be because the Forces of Light have finally triumphed. It will be because the collective spiritual human energy ultimately generated will make the Forces of Darkness recede and rethink their next strategy.

Because there will be another strategy. And many more conflicts. But one day, in the far distant future, the battle will finally be over. On that day humanity will finally receive its graduation certificate from Earth School.


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Tim Wyatt is a journalist, writer and international lecturer on esoteric subjects based in Yorkshire. He is the author of numerous books including Cycles Of Eternity: An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom. His forthcoming book, Everyone’s Book of the Dead is due to be published in the autumn.

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