I thought it would be a good idea to begin this article with a definition of how the term Anima Mundi or World Soul is seen in the eyes of objective science.

Here I use the term objective science to represent a long ago ancient science that disappears and reappears through the chronicles of human time.  This science is incorporated within all esoteric influences and sometimes this influence deems it necessary to inject into a current society objectives truths about the laws that govern man and the universe.

One of the problems that we encounter in relation to this science is that once placed within life this science mixes with all the surrounding influences and becomes distorted and fragmented from its original impulse leaving us a vague idea of its true meaning but there are still traces of its knowledge that are encoded in esoteric works.

Within the last 100 years there has been one individual which brought this science into the forefront again. He encoded it within a book called ‘The Objective Impartial Criticisms of the life of man’.  The book was written by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff.

What’s of interest here is that objective science states, in relation to the construct of any complete cosmos, is that any entity, man or world,  does not just have one soul but in truth they can be endowed with up to four souls, each one higher than the next, each one being developed from the soul that went before it.

What we can extrapolate from this science is that in the true sense of the word what we should be calling a SOUL is really the 4th and highest Soul of any entity.  This fourth and highest soul is the true SOUL. This is Anima Mundi.

For the benefit of this article I thought I would add in one more definition for the term Anima Mundi.

Anima Mundi is…‘The full complete functioning of the wholeness of any cosmos’. This last statement is a very good thesis and needs investigation but it also needs something  more.

Thinking more deeply about the subject of anima mundi it occurred to me that what really has brought this subject up front and center is the all-around thinking that as a people we are causing the climate to change. If you are a student of the Gurdjieff teaching you probably heard or read the expression, “the burning question of the day”.  What this expression means is that in popular society a question naturally arises from the automatic influences for all its people to question and contemplate.  Contemplating about climate change is a very excellent example of ‘ the burning question of the day ‘

So in thinking further about this, explaining what exactly is meant by World Soul is not enough in relation to the idea of climate change.  Why have a theory that is not really practical in its application to the question at hand but I will say this which is very important,  the subject of anima mundi is a very important and necessary theory that stands in the exoteric realms of any esoteric source and for any serious student that studies the evolutionary knowledge of perfecting themselves,  this idea of World soul is invaluable, necessary and essential.  Maybe this article will hit two birds with one stone if you know what I mean.

So how do we approach this idea of Anima Mundi and the idea of climate change?

To begin the subject of world soul is a fundamental idea that explains the construct of a man or a given cosmos both in the physical and the spiritual realms  which is needed for any student seeking to understand the objective reality of life but what it doesn’t explain is how it can help in acquiring the right knowledge to help in answering the “burning question of the day”.

The best way I think we can approach the idea of climate change in relation to Anima Mundi is by studying all the different aspects of a cosmos and how they relate to one another. Simply, how man relates to the earth and likewise how the earth relates to man.

So, this Articles will be in multiple parts.

The first part has to be an explanation that reflects the theory of World soul. The second part will be connected with a practical approach to the actions we can all take that might help in some way combat climate change, if this is even possible.  This comes with a disclaimer.

Personally, I am not sure if climate change is a result of mans behaviour on this earth, likewise I am not sure if it is caused by interplanetary influences.  The facts are the climate is changing.  That is all I know.  The question why it is changing and what causes this change is still uncertain and needs more facts.  What I do pose is a theory which absolutely causes no harm and even it would be a great initiating action that would help clean up our mess and add a certain consciousness into the stream of life that isn’t there at the moment.

To begin to understand world soul we first have to understand the term itself. World Soul is a term comprised of two words, world and soul.  Each of these words can have a variety of meanings.

Firstly when we say the word “world” what do we mean?

In most traditions, including the Gurdjieff tradition they speak of the word world in more than one context.  We can say that man is a world, a planet is a world and we can even say the solar system is a world. We can extend this term to mean almost any given cosmos that is an image of the fundament cosmos we call the universe.

To continue this thought, there is an expression that we all know.  It is… “we are created in GOD’s Image”.

To be short, this means that there are different levels of worlds within the universe and the composition of each level is an exact replica of the proceeding level. These worlds also go by the name cosmos.  This idea is also in the expression, “As above so below”

In all esoteric traditions they speak of the universe having seven fundamental cosmos, seven different fundamental worlds. I am not going to talk about these cosmoses abate two, I will relate the term Anima Mundi to the world of man and the world of the earth.

Like I mentioned; word Soul also has a variety of different meanings.  The real meaning in relation to man and really any cosmos is connected to what I mentioned as our thesis above.  “the full complete functioning of the wholeness of any cosmos”

The word soul can be used in different relations depending on the subject.  In short It can be a reference to any body that is the direct body above the one in question.  From the Christian faith it is presumed we have a body and the soul of man dwells within this body but in many traditions there is more than just one soul.

Another fundamental aspect of any given cosmos is that a cosmos is composed of the three primary forces of all that exists, these three primary forces are the building and creating blocks of everything that is created and maintained.

The wholeness of any cosmos means that in any complete entity within the universe the three primary forces of the absolute are represented.    These three forces manifest in any given world as three independent different functions and these three independent different functions can crystallize substance for that particular function into a coercible independent form which we then call a body.

In a man these three forces manifest through mans three different set of functions, the instinct automatic functions of the body, mans emotional manifestations and mans thinking manifestations.  When all these functions are fully materialized which in ordinary man they are not, but when they are materialized, they each form a body.  This is why in many traditions it is said man is threefold, he can have three body’s which always lead to a fourth.  The fourth aspect is the three independent forms combined,  merging into a singular whole.

So when I said Anima Mundi is ….“the full complete functioning of the wholeness of any cosmos”, I meant that when all the three primary forces of the universe actualize into their individual  forms in a given cosmos they merge and form a harmonic whole, indivisible, independent reflecting the true sense of unity.

This whole is what we can call the “True Soul or the true soul of man “.

The Christian Cabalist had a saying an it reflects this idea nicely…”The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God; Three in One and One in Three.

What we have stated is that mans true soul is a combination of three lower bodies that form a fourth.   In reality the word soul and body in this regard can be interchanged.  We can say man has the possibility of attaining three bodies or three souls which then merge into a whole forming the fourth body or fourth soul.  Hence the expression we started with… “the true sense of the word what we should be calling a SOUL is really the 4th and highest Soul of man.  This is true SOUL”

Throughout history these souls or bodies go by many names, in platonic tradition it is the body, soul, nous and when all harmonize, they form the ONE. In the Christian doctrine they are called, body, soul and spirit leading to GOD.  Then in others it is the Physical body, astral body, mental body and the causal body. In the Gurdjieff tradition they are called the planetary body, Kesdjan body and soul body which the fourth goes by the term “REAL I”

The question is does man have all these souls from birth? And since we are using the formula as above so below, we have to ask does the earth have these souls from its own conception?

To be frank objective science states that man is not given these souls at birth.  Yes he is given a planetary body, the first body, and that in good health and maintenance this body can function until mans last dying breathe but as to the higher bodies, the higher souls,  objective science says that it is up to the individual to work on self perfecting himself so as to crystallize these higher bodies or souls.  Now if this is the case then we have to presume that the earth also is not born with these souls.

There is one amendment we can make here.  It might the case that because of mans strange and abnormal existence that the earth doesn’t share in this alternate reality. Objective science states that man is in an abnormal state because of unforeseen consequences of a time where there was a need for man not to evolve.  In the course of this non action, steps were said to have happened that blocked a man’s evolution, these consequences are no longer apart of mans physical makeup but the effects are still there. This cannot be spoken about at this time but I had to mention the amendment.

Its is still logical to think that the earth also needs a certain action placed upon itself to help create higher realms of its existence, seeking what we all seek, a sense of harmony and unity.  It is from this last point we continue.

The full theory of Anima Mundi is expressed in Gurdjieff’s first series of writing in the chapter The Arch-Absurd.  The idea is contain in the theory of OKIDANOKH.

OKIDANOKH contains the theory of how souls are created and developed.

In the next article we will dissect the idea of Okidanokh and investigate how the development of the souls of any entity connects with it’s surrounding cosmos.

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Kent Leopold Sabata is a member of an esoteric society that seeks out the fundamental truth that the mystic teacher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff called the ALL and EVERYTHING. The ALL and EVERYTHING is exactly that, it's the ALL and EVERYTHING. It contains all the truth about mans constitution and the laws that pervade through the fabric of our reality. The philosophy of this society is that everything can be known but only through the action of self perfecting, through developing the highest reason man has. Kent was a student of the fourth way from a very young age, picking up his first fourth way book at the age of 18. From that time to his late 30s he joined many different groups’ lineage and non-lineage. 8 years ago he realized that the path that was created through Gurdjieffs direct students could only lead so far so he abandoned the Fourth Way and only focused on the writings of Gurdjieff. After years of constant study, taking apart Gurdjieff first series paragraph by paragraph Kent started to understand the fundamental truths Gurdjieff left. Learning this truth he started seeing it in all esoteric works, validating everything he acquired. Now he would just call himself an “ESOTERICIST”

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