Humanity’s spectacular progress over the past three centuries – especially its exponential embrace of technological ingenuity – has far outstripped its inner spiritual evolution. Accelerated material progress may even have curbed or distorted it.

The digital revolution, once heralded as a saviour and a connector of humanity is becoming a curse and a disease which is causing more harm than benefit.

Ignorance of humanity’s spiritual underpinnings – let alone our potentially divine status – remains widespread if not ubiquitous. The lure of materialism and the miasma and confusion it has created has severely hampered any meaningful quest for deeper truths.

Intriguingly, our current confection of crises and conflicts – be they environmental, military, political, social or economic – is having the somewhat paradoxical effect of acting as a forcing-house and compelling people to view themselves and the world beyond the perceptive shackles of an exclusively material paradigm.

According to many recent research polls increasing numbers of people regard themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’. Released from the straight-jacket of conventional religious and scientific thought, more and more people view the world – and indeed the entire cosmos – as a living, breathing entity.

Something is violently shifting within the human psyche. The tectonic plates of our collective mind are grinding aggressively together. Major changes and uplifts in consciousness such as these are always accompanied by deep friction. Conflicts gouge out the river-beds for new thought currents to flow. The geography of the mind is being re-modelled.

The profound changes in our planet’s physical condition is mirrored precisely by our own sense of angst and malaise. This parallel extends to the Earth’s – and our own subtle etheric, astral, mental and higher bodies. As well as being physically damaged, the Earth is also damaged mentally and astrally and this is where the healing has to begin. No physical plane improvements are possible without action first in the subtle realms.

Humanity’s prolonged spiritual alienation has led it down a one-way alley and straight into a metaphysical wasteland. There is collective global hysteria closely focused on the environment and on politics. Our responses have become raw, our dialogue coarse and our ability to act collectively depleted. Our high octane emotions have become over-charged and are poisoning our atmosphere and damaging our equilibrium.

Rational thought and controlled positive action seem impossible in such a potent emotional maelstrom.

The lessons for humanity are urgent, vital – and simple. We have to know who we are. This is a crucial and unavoidable first step. First and foremost we are spirits.

Accepting our innate spiritual nature is no longer a desirable option for people with nothing better to do. It may be the most essential survival tool that we possess.

Equally dangerous at this time is to allow pessimism about our prospects to take greater hold than it already has. Human ingenuity and a highly questionable and slewed version of progress have entrapped us in this parlous situation. Human ingenuity released from the hardened steel bonds of materialism has the potential to identify an exit route from this cul-de-sac.

The exclusively material world is the only world most people ever see. But this perception will change because it has to. The universe is no longer the dead, random, clockwork-driven expanse of frozen waste we were told it was. It is a vibrant, evolving conglomeration of hidden worlds and invisible energies and entities permeated by sinews and filaments of pure consciousness.

Science is finally beginning to recognise some of these often bizarre truths about ourselves and the cosmos. It has taken a century of delving into the weird and inexplicable world of quantum mechanics and staring into the furthest reaches of space for this dovetailing with some of the Ageless Wisdom truths to happen. Soon the old-speak of the astrophysicist – words like vast, icy, dead, lifeless reaches of empty space etc. will be part of a redundant language.

Some of the once secret traditions preserved down the ages by initiates and mainly concealed from view are percolating into this world far more energetically than many realise. For maybe the first time in the West, previously subversive notions of karma and reincarnation, the inter-connectedness of the universe and hylozoism are beginning to take deep root. They maybe the panacea to prevent a pandemic.

It is easy to identify many places, situations and individuals where this energy cannot yet flow. But new channels are opening up by the hour. This new consciousness is starting to pulse down the capillaries, arteries and veins of our collective consciousness.

Despite this, it is impossible to deny that a death-shroud of doom and gloom hovers over the planet like lingering and lethal mustard gas drifting through the corpse-strewn barbed wire of a Wold War I battlefield.

Children are being driven into depression and despair by this prevailing pall of helplessness. They – and indeed everyone – should not be brainwashed into believing there are no solutions to our problems. Such an admission would be tantamount to a mass suicide of the human spirit. It would amount to the ultimate defeatism. It would represent a capitulation of the soul and that cannot be permitted.

These conflicts, catastrophes, confrontations and crises may confuse and unsettle us. But unseen they are cracking open new pathways, fresh possibilities and reinvigorated individual capacities we never even knew that we possessed.

Anyone on any kind of spiritual pathway owes it to themselves and to suffering humanity at large not to succumb to the malign and insidious forces of despair because these are corrosive and life-draining. Guilt alone solves nothing.

We need to step out into the light and start culturing and birthing these exciting new/old ideas that we are eternal, evolving, conscious, ensouled beings treading the byways and backwaters of eternity.

We have proved our ingenuity and our adaptability throughout our presence on this Earth. Now we must use it in a purer and more rejuvenated form to create a seismic shift in consciousness.

This is the fire burning inside us all.

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Tim Wyatt is a journalist, writer and international lecturer on esoteric subjects based in Yorkshire. He is the author of numerous books including Cycles Of Eternity: An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom. His forthcoming book, Everyone’s Book of the Dead is due to be published in the autumn.

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  • Much food for thought and eloquently described, as ever.