December 2019

Rob Hopkins launched his new book a couple of months back – on the theme of imagination. Hopkins is a co-founder of Transition Network, and a devoted environmentalist. He had been reading books by people like Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein and George Monbiot, who all suggested

In 1888 The Secret Doctrine was published, written by Theosophical Society founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky whom dedicated a whole chapter to a little-known scientist and inventor; John Worrell Keely. Some might call Keely an occult scientist due to the inventions he made. The full title for

Humanity’s spectacular progress over the past three centuries – especially its exponential embrace of technological ingenuity – has far outstripped its inner spiritual evolution. Accelerated material progress may even have curbed or distorted it. The digital revolution, once heralded as a saviour and a connector of

Was Stonehenge built for profit? Was The Parthenon meant to yield a reliable income stream for a pension fund? Was Machu Piccu part of a wider commercial enterprise? Was the Great Pyramid part of an international property portfolio? The answers are respectively no, no, no