“The calm mind means courage, so that you may face without fear the trials and difficulties… It means also steadiness, so that you may light off the troubles which come into every one’s life…. The Master teaches that it does not matter in the least what happens to a man from the outside: sorrows, troubles, sickness, losses – all these must be as nothing to him and must not be allowed to affect the calmness of his mind.”                   (Jiddu Krishnamurti, At the Feet of the Master, p. 7,) https://www.theosophy.world/sites/default/files/ebooks/AtTheFeetOfTheMaster_JKrishnamurti.pdf

A universal, solitary Law governs steadily and eternally the universe without deviations, bringing all the necessary factors together in action within time and space. The wise men called this Law: Mighty Will, Living Will of the Absolute, Power unshakeable without any trace of change – Power of the Logos. But what is the Will? What is this Intelligence that governs cosmic matter and life? And what is its equivalent in microcosm?

The Great Universal Law willed, and Cosmos came into being. “I will”, says a human being and his body obeys. “I will”, says again and human thought crosses space and time, which to it is non-existent. The Great Will gives form and motion to matter. It gives the potency of action and non-action or inertia to matter and the human mind. It also gives stability, equilibrium and endurance not only to matter but to the human beings, too, if we are receptive and willing to be in harmony with the Great Will and our Higher Ego.

The human being is the most organized creature on Earth, mirroring the universe or Macrocosm as its microcosm, and has been endowed with spirituality and will power more than any other creature on this planet. The human being is spirit and matter and the only one who has the divine light in him, a sparkle of the Logos and of the Will of Logos. When this divine sparkle wants to speak, words come out of our mouth; when it wants to listen, it turns its attention to the sounds; when it wants to think, it creates thoughts and ideas; and when it wants to will, it ACTS. And it is this action we all need right now amidst the turmoil of our fear for Covid-19.

Will acts with intelligence, while fear is driven by blindness and ignorance. Therefore, the power of every human being –our power– to confront fear is measured by the strength of our will to do so. Fear may present itself bearing the same characteristics as the will. It may show energy and concentration of thought, but it has no relation whatsoever with our spiritual self. It makes us prisoners of matter and personality, which are frightened of losing their existence. This is mainly due to the (still) weak spiritual power of most people, the lack of that knowledge which can make us hear the voice of the silence in us; and this lack submits humankind to the will of its lower nature – of our personal ego. But we are children of the Great Light, the Light of the Cosmic Will, the Will of the Logos, and as such we can change, modify and conquer fear. Fighting fear with will power is the characteristic of the evolved human being, the esotericist and the theosophist, who know – who are not driven by ignorance.

The human will, being the power of the divine self within, can subjugate the lower energies of fear and ignorance, it can guide the elements and the powers of nature to create the desirable effect. And this effect is the cure of the virus; it is also the strengthening of peoples’ minds and the conquest of their fear; and this can become the best protection available right now. Using the will power in this way is a kind of benevolent “theurgy”, so to say, and every such theurgy means freeing the will of the theurgist for the best interest of people, the benefit, the comfort and the cure for all.

Throughout the human History, there was not even a hero, known or unknown, who didn’t have to face fear before acting. But heroes were always using their will power to conquer their fear, to refine it and transform it from an enemy to an ally. Why an ally, one may ask? Making fear our ally, we can become over-cautious – not terrified, not panicked, which are factors that can drive us mad. Being fearless doesn’t mean we are stupid; it means dealing with the situation calmly, courageously in isolating ourselves from the crowd; it means that we, the inner person knows, and knowing is essential in connecting with our higher mind, our divine self by meditating or praying of contemplating if possible. Our higher Self doesn’t worry about the things of this world but only observes and learns. Thus, we may be able to confront the situation the best way we can and accept this massive departure of souls as a necessary fact in the evolutionary process of mankind.

In closing, it may be worthwhile mentioning the existence of an ideal in our minds – the existence of a stable noetic conception of an inspired character, a person or an idea, religious or other, that can be a useful guide for us on our way to a better conduct of ourselves and our lives. Having an ideal can become the best means to conquer fear and our lower nature, our personality. A spiritual Master can be such an ideal, a very well-known Hero can also be one, a devoted scientist can be another, a great philosopher, and so on. The life and deeds of such persons, either dead or alive, as well as the teachings presented by religious schemes, philosophical ideas and theories, can become the personifications of will, wisdom and love for humanity. Thy can become ways to freeing ourselves from fear by exercising our will power to achieve a higher and more helpful state of mind; for us and for all around us – our family, our friends and our fellows at large. Because, acknowledging the existence of the Cosmic Will and the evolutionary plan in all events of life, acknowledging the necessity of all changes in the bigger picture and not only in our own personal, family and community life, may become a source of justice, of philanthropy and love.


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Ifigeneia Kastamoniti has been a member of the TS Greece since 1995. She is a frequent lecturer, member of the Hellenic Board for 20 years, Secretary for the last 10 years, translator of many classical theosophical works, editor of TPH Greece and the theosophical magazine ILISOS. She has also been president of a Lodge for a few years.  Born in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, she has travelled to many countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia meeting people and getting acquainted with their cultures. She is a member of the European School of Theosophy organizing team since 2017.

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