The Buddhists call someone who has awakened to their true nature a “True Man” or “True Woman” and the Taoist’s apply the term “Real Human” to someone who has realised what it takes to be an enlightened being.

Many of the ancient Indian texts state that it is very difficult to obtain a human birth, but this may mean that although we have a physical body, most people are living mainly animalistic lives concerned with finding food, procreation, building a nest and all the basic things that drive all sentient beings, when they reach a certain level of consciousness.

Of course, all these are essential to life on this planet, but they are not the be all and end all of existence.  Something else is needed to make us flower into truly human beings.  The one thing that is sadly lacking in the world today is Spirituality.  Without it all decisions made by individuals, groups and nations will be based upon a limited perception of what is meant by being alive. It is an awakening to a realisation of the oneness of all things and a leaving behind of all animosity towards those who we believe to be different from us or who do not share our opinions.  Awakening to our Spiritual nature transforms our view of the world and our fellow creatures.  When we realise what we are in reality then we are on the way to becoming real humans.

Once we begin to see ourselves as eternal beings and to make that realisation a living reality in our lives, then  we enter a new state of consciousness and, although we live, move and have our being in the same surroundings as before, we in fact are living in a different world because we are perceiving it in a more enlightened manner.  In fact, as regards Spiritual Progress, we don’t go anywhere; but as our senses and consciousness are refined, we are aware of deeper levels and dimensions to our perception of the illusions that give us credence in an ever-changing universe.  To find stability we need to be aware of the unchanging dimension to our own being.

As the Spirit filters down through our ever-densifying levels of consciousness it illuminates and hones our various principles.  Our mind becomes purified and capable of appreciating the higher aspects of existence, our emotions become sanctified to a deeper reality and our physical body is transformed into a temple of the Holy Grail.

The influence of our Divine Nature manifests in our daily lives as a purified conscience, a highly sensitive recognition of the suffering of others caused by their ignorance of their True Being and a love and compassion for all sentient beings as emanating from, and returning eventually to, the same Source.  Also we can see that no matter what events befalls us in our lives, whether we designate them ‘good’ or ‘bad’; if we have the right attitude, if we have as our line of life meditation the ‘desire’ to live in the light of our Higher Self;  then all that comes to pass is to help us to realise that we are Denizens of Eternity and Children of the Light  . Our reaction to and our assimilation of the lessons learned to help us on our pilgrimage becomes of paramount importance. As I wrote elsewhere (Grow as the Flower Grows):

“In this world, basing our consciousness on the transitory and the perishable, we are often confused, distressed and depressed because we are mentally tossed about like a boat on rough seas; we have built our house on sand and not on sturdy rock as the bible tells us. It is all a matter of finding our inner self, that place of sanctuary where we are beyond the machinations of the world around us and we can begin to discover who we really are, not what the world in general tells us we are. We will become free from labels and able to stand firm no matter what life throws at us.

We are so much more than we think we are at the moment.  We have gained something very precious on our journey and that is self-awareness, the ability to take our progress in hand and proceed by self-induced and self-devised efforts, as the Secret Doctrine tells us, and we are able to contemplate the world on a higher level and realise that we are multi-dimensional beings according to the teachings of all the great Spiritual Teachers of the world and we should strive towards that understanding each to the limits of his or her ability.

So, like the flower finding its way from the dark earth out into the sunlight and growing in that light until it finally blossoms, so we also blossom in beauty in the Light of our Higher Self.  We come to an awareness of who or what we truly are, not what the material orientated world has made us believe we are with all its limitations and divisions and misunderstandings and misrepresentations of what it is to be truly human.

So, in these difficult times, let us step back mentally and draw upon our Divine Nature which is untouched by all that goes on in the material world.  Our true life is way beyond the temporary illusions of this plane of existence and although it may not seem like it at the moment, all those things that cause us pain on a physical level will pass in time and no matter how dark life becomes, there is a happy ending for everyone in the long run.

In the fantasy story “Phantastes” by the Victorian writer George Mcdonald at the very end the hero hears a voice in the sound of the rustling leaves in the trees overhead.  It seems to say: “A great good is coming – is coming – is coming to thee Anodos.”  If we in our silent moments can hear the Voice of our Inner Self, we would know that always these words are whispered and in time for each one of us will become a reality.


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Wayne was born in Farnworth nr Bolton, Lancashire. He worked for 20 years as a gardener. In 1973 he joined the Theosophical Society in and has been President of the Bolton Lodge for about 25 years. Wayne is also the joint Vice President of the North-Western Federation and editor of the North-Western Federation Journal. He is a national speaker for the Theosophical Society and also contributes articles to the Theosophist and other Theosophical magazines. He also rites poems and stories and enjoys music, art, nature and literature.

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