A Brief Reflection on COVID-19 & 5G

A minority of people think that 5G is the true cause behind the pandemic of COVID-19, while the majority denounce them as “conspiracy theorists.” According to the consensus view, the Corona virus itself is a sufficient condition to explain the pandemic that has gripped the world for the last months. A separate issue, which I will not address here, is the difference between the “pandemic” itself, and the “pandemic phenomenon.” Suffice it to note that they are not the same thing and that the second has causes and underpinnings that extend far beyond the issue to which I will now turn.

Returning to the conflict between two proposed etiologies of the pandemic: I wonder if they are actually exclusive. Is the disjunctive proposition that says “either 5G or Coronavirus is the cause of disease outbreak” a false dichotomy? After all, I think even the people who denounce 5G opponents as “conspiracy theorists” will agree that the more resilient that a person is, the less susceptible she will be to infection by anything, including Coronavirus. So COVID-19 could perfectly well be the symptom of biological and physiological stress from 5G. How would we know if this is a legitimate theory? It seems to me that these “conspiracy theorists” really need establish nothing more than that radiation from 5G exerts biological and physiological effects at the levels to which people are currently exposed to it to substantiate their concerns on a scientific basis. After that, the real conspiracy theorists are the people who try to deplatform them without addressing the legitimate concerns that are at stake.

And in fact, this describes the current situation as it already stands today. It has been known for decades that the same kind of radiation in 5G causes measurable biological effects. The real question is not whether it does, but what are the magnitude and long term consequence of those effects. Maybe they will prove to be insignificant, but they haven’t yet. Now that the boot is on the other leg, the true conspiracy theorists will probably object that “it is settled science.” But there appears to be sufficient doubt that several countries in Europe have halted the introduction of 5G pending further research. We will probably hear very little about this in the USA (but so far it is still possible to verify this through an Internet search) and this should lead us to raise very serious concerns about the integrity of our corporate media. In any case, the above suggests to me that the issue remains unresolved and, again, that someone who pretends that this complicated issue has a very simple answer is like a blindman encountering an elephant.

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Max Leyf is a certified Rolfer, a writer, an adjunct professor of philosophy, and a doctoral candidate in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He sees philosophy and Rolfing as reciprocally completing one another, as word to deed. He currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where he was born and which, despite having lived for extended periods of time in Sweden, Colorado, Brazil, and California, he has never ceased to call home. His favourite book is Hamlet and he is the author of Honeybees of the Invisible, But Now Face to Face, and Five Themes: Mind Live, Self, Truth, and Knowledge.

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