Welcome to the third issue of Hermes which has a main theme of ‘Cycles of Life’, which reminds me of John Lennon’s lyrics; ‘I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round…’’ and inspired me to write the following;

A cycle that is forever turning,
A cycle that goes round and around.
It is the ring that spins continuously,
Every second, every now.
Does it have a beginning?
Will it have an end?
How can there have been no first moment?
What does a cycle portend?
If cycles go on forever
Then why do things not last?
A cycle becomes another cycle,
A future comes forth from the past.
When the previous cycle is running down,
A new one takes its place,
Energised with a spinning force,
It makes its subtle move to take over first place.
Cycles of different sizes are going round and around,
At differing speeds and frequencies, yet all at the same rate.
Cycles within each unit
Cycles within cycles,
Wheels and cogs that turn on and on,
Nothing stops, not even for a while.
The ouroboros eats its self,
A serpent mouth to serpent tail
Symbolising eternity, a paradox in time.
Yet infinity is circulatory,
It is the beginning and the end of time.


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Debbie Elliott is the author of various fiction works all with a theological theme. Her latest book is 'Monkey Mind Robot Body' which looks at the coming impact of AI and trans-humanism. Debbie's non-fiction work looks at the theology of all religions and the history of prominent people in these realms, her specific interests are the work of G I Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner and the megaliths of standing stones that can be found all over our world. Debbie also makes podcasts for her YouTube channel; DJ Elliott, on various topics and has interviews with a selection of great guests on subjects that range from art to zoology. Her Youtube series ‘Occult Lives’ discusses diverse subjects from astrology to theosophy." All can be found at www.debbie-elliott.co.uk

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