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Two short introductory books relevant to this subject are now being published!

How the Wisdom of the Ages is Reflected in Many World Faiths by Pam Evans MBE of Peace Mala looks at how the term ‘God’, reincarnation and rebirth, and life beyond death are viewed in the major faiths and also Theosophy. It is based on a series of interesting and easy to understand lectures which she has given to the Theosophical Society’s summer school.

With some attractive illustrations, it gives a thoughtful introductory summary of each faith’s ideas and beliefs.

30 pages, £5.74 incl. p & p. in the UK

Available from Peace Mala at: www.peacemala.org.uk

email: or phone 01792 774225.


Secrets of Infinity by Tim Wyatt gives a brief – and bright – introduction to the Ageless Wisdom tradition.
Tim, a regular contributor to Hermes refers to this publication as the ‘Ladybird Book’ to his longer book Cycles of Eternity which he published in December 2016.


Secrets of Infinity – 24 pages including covers, £4.00 plus p & p, available soon
Cycles of Eternity – 112 pages including covers, £10.00 plus p & p
Available from Tim at

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Janet Hoult studied graphic design at Hornsey College of Art in London, where she also researched the work of the artist Kandinsky and the symbolism of the dragon. She has an interest in dowsing, ancient history, archaeology and Theosophy. In connection with these fields she co-edited 'The Essential T.C. Lethbridge' and has written and produced 'Dragons: their history and symbolism'. More recently she has been a speaker on Theosophical subjects, including 'The Secret Doctrine'.

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