As a child in the Fifties, I believed that professional people like bank managers and solicitors had integrity. Unfortunately those days are long gone. Scams and fraud are the norm rather than the exception. The 2008 financial crisis came about partly from toxic debt, the practice of lending large amounts of money to poor risk borrowers for short-term profit. Since then, we have seen many fraudulent practices coming to light. The word ‘misselling’ in relation to the finance industry has entered the language. I suggest that one of the problems that began the downward slide was the introduction of Darwinian natural selection in the form of performance targets. We heard anecdotal stories about trolleys in hospital corridors being reclassified as beds. Darwinian competition exists now in education, transport and the power industry. Schools are in direct competition in leagues tables. Where childhood should be a joy and a preparation for life, it has become a heartless system for programming robots.

Those who have any money to invest, however small, are conned by the finance industry. You, as one of the many, put money away in an account. The financial organisation pays you a pittance in interest. Meanwhile, they use your money freely to add to the fortunes of the few. The less interest they pay us, the greater the profits for them. If you borrow money the banks do even better. The process behind all this is called fractional reserve banking. The more they put the masses in debt, the richer the wealthy become. It is an inescapable logic that there must be poverty to create wealth. Crime in the professions no longer surprises us. There is generosity in society. Not everybody behaves unethically but a significant proportion does. Has it always been like this or has something changed in peoples’ belief systems?

In years gone by the religions lectured people how to live. Christianity told the lower orders how to behave in order to get to heaven. They also employed fear tactics by telling them about hell. The upper classes did what they liked. The wealthy could buy forgiveness. My statements here are about religions as organised systems. I am not criticising spiritual beliefs. I do not believe that the likes of Jesus, Mohammed and the Buddha deliberately set out to create hierarchical systems. They promoted spiritual ideas to liberate people from the confines of materialism. It was their followers and others who came after them that set up organisations to enslave people, mentally, physically or economically. The reason is simple. When people find themselves in charge of something valuable, they want to control it. One person in charge inevitably mushrooms into a hierarchy. In nature they call it a pecking order. I do not mean that all hierarchies are evil. What I am saying is that in terms of spirituality, which is the most important aspect of life on this planet, what an individual believes is entirely his or her own responsibility. You could say that our purpose in being on earth is to explore our spiritual natures. It is also important to expand our consciousness. Somehow we have put the significance of spiritual evolution completely out of the picture. I do not mean to imply that what we believe is the most important thing. I mean that how we live, how we treat others is more significant than what we believe. Perhaps the expansion or raising of consciousness is even more significant to growth. Others may help or guide but only you are responsible. Nobody benefits from being trapped forever in the cycle of rebirth.

The power of a hierarchy doesn’t come from the people at the top. A motorcar has far more power than the driver but it has no control over where it goes. We are driven by systems that understand the nature of human psychology and use it to harness fear or desire. In the old days, power rested with the peasants, the surfs and the masses. That was why the poorest societies built the most lavish gold-encrusted cathedrals and temples. Our leaders may seem to have all the power but they rely on the tacit acceptance of the masses. I am not a fan of holy books; religions apply them as prisons for the mind. Words are finite. Truth is infinite and cannot be expressed in writing. However, that does not mean the holy books contain nothing useful. The bible says things like ‘you cannot serve God and money’. The bible says lots of things we shouldn’t do but it hasn’t stopped anybody from doing them, especially our leaders. The only sin the upper echelons recognise now is that of getting caught. The problem rests with the nature of consciousness, in particular the phenomenon I shall refer to as universal consciousness. We no longer believe that we should ‘do the right thing’ because we fear God. Science replaced religion but denies eternal existence. This left a moral vacuum. So why should we do good deeds rather than bad? Why say ‘do as you would be done by’?

In 1992 I underwent a change in the nature of my consciousness. It came about as a result of a breathing exercise and a knack of emptying my mind of thought. I had a series of insights into the nature of reality. I realise that people will be sceptical. I have no proof but it works for me. Rather than describe the detail, I will draw upon the conclusions. An article in The Independent, 2 June 2016 quotes Elon Musk as saying the chance we are not living in a computer simulation is one in billions. When I was on a roll in 1992 I wrote that all things that exist are conjoined in a state without dimension and in a totally abstract reality: indeed that the ultimate state of reality is abstract and formless in nature. In other words, spirit. I referred to the physical universe as a conceptual or objective reality. When I came across the terms virtual reality and virtual reality simulation I recognised it as the same idea. The film The Matrix illustrated the idea brilliantly but it did put it in a sinister context. Let me reassure you, we are not trapped in some alien computer. But we are trapped by the systems we have unconsciously created to run our lives.

In this model, the universe is analogous to a virtual reality game system running in the ultimate computer, namely universal consciousness. Science sees physical matter as quantum digital information. So even in the prevailing scientific paradigm, matter is not real, it is just a representation of information. Mathematics is the universe’s operating system, a bit like Microsoft Windows without the bugs and errors. I do not see ‘a creator’ in the form of an old man on a throne who sits in judgment on us. I see a single unit of being that generates the universe and experiences it as well. It is analogous to the number one in mathematics. The number one has a single value that represents individuality, consciousness and being. It also has an abstract or infinite meaning of oneness, universal consciousness or love and unity. Instead of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I see the trinity as zero, one and infinity. The universe has many layers and dimensions. We exist on a relatively primitive level of being. The quantum universe functions in such tiny units that we are totally convinced the world is real. In fact we are so convinced of its reality that we believe in death.

Like pilots training on a simulator, we fly missions for planned periods of time. We call these sessions in the game incarnations. At the end of each session we withdraw from the game and assess our progress before returning. Every moment of time is composed of quantum information and subjective essence in the form of a story. After death, we can replay our story from our point of view and as others experienced us. So if you hurt somebody, you will experience their pain as if it were your own. No world leader would start a war if he or she knew how they would have to experience the totality of the suffering they create before moving on to the next phase of their existence. Most people think they only have one life so make the most of it. In a sense it is true that we only have one life but fortunately this isn’t it. This is just the schoolroom.

When we re-enter the game in our brand new bodies we come here with no understanding of who and what we are. We are aspects of the one being adopting roles. We act. We are actors in the sense of role-playing and we perform actions, we do things. Life is a succession of choices to act or not act. We do so according to the role we have taken on. The one being has adopted an idea, a persona and pretends to be you. You are not the role; you are something transcendent, a mystery. Between sessions in the game we are aspects of one mind and one being. When you are born you drop out of oneness to become a finite individual. You cannot know your true infinite nature so you enter the game, the play, the drama and you act. It is the universe’s software that delivers the consequences of our choices. Why we do things is less important than what we do.

Because we believe in death, most people act for self. But every action has its opposite. The real divine self that underlies you cannot learn about itself in a state of oneness so it comes into a world of opposites. As an aspect of love, your infinite self learns what it is by experiencing what it is not. That is why bad things happen. Your finite ‘avatar’ has faults and failings as tools with which to learn. Every action has a consequence and that is how we learn.

Some people call action karma, a Sankrit word that means very little to English speakers. Every force, physical or metaphorical, results in an equal and opposite reaction. We see it in physics because it happens immediately. In daily life we do not always see it happen. We may never see it happen but it does – always. You try to do a good deed and you might find something totally extraneous blocking you. It is important to try. We have free will but it comes with total responsibility. The process is never so clearcut that we cannot logically deny it if we choose to. Just remember that if as many scientists are suggesting, we live in a virtual reality simulation, then the game has rules and consequences, opportunities to win or lose, a purpose and a final state or reward for success. We can call it home or we can think of it as enlightenment. The point with this game is that we win by spiritual acceptance rather than material conflict or game playing. That is a hard lesson to learn with no intellectual justification to support it. That does not mean taking things lying down. It means doing your best to help yourself short of retribution. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The problem with planet earth is that too many people have been doing wrong for too long to clear the negative consequences that have built up in the game. In the greater universe, there are two main forms of existence, objective and subjective consciousness. Objective mind exists in a matrix of concepts that interlink via lines of light as we make connections within and without us. It is a massive optical computer. Our brains act as terminals. The network contains every thought and manifest concept that has ever been. The work and everything in it is just a node in the network – including you. Every aspect of life boils down to nodes in the network, including the systems we create in daily life. We think we control the systems but we do not. They control us. That is why the financial, political, military, scientific and technical organisations are oppressing us and making the quality of life worse and worse all the time. Like Darwinian organisms they compete to become supreme, to adapt and survive. They are not conscious as we are but they do not serve our interests. They serve their own agendas. They do this by attracting people in to top jobs who have no conscience and serve only their own desires for money and power. They drive others through control and fear. The systems do not want us to evolve because it would be bad for business. Sensing that we are on the verge of evolving to a new level of being, they are conspiring to crush our souls. If we let them they may succeed.

The other consciousness, the subjective one works through a computation centre close to the heart. It is here that we feel moments of nostalgia prompted by a scent or a view for example. I can say that since my heart centre became open I have felt extreme moments of joy and pleasure unlike anything I have ever known before. If we cultivate the significance and influence of heart consciousness we could be living on a world of beauty and peace. It is up to all of us.

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Terry Edwards was naturally psychic as a child but lost it on entering his teens. At the age of eleven he began to take an interest in science, which he naturally coupled with a spiritual perspective. He obtained degrees in physics and information science. In 1968 he began writing science fiction/fantasy novel called The Mandroid (never published). In his twenties, he trained as a medium and healer. His psychic abilities were too inconsistent to pursue but proved to be a useful preparation for later work. Now retired, he had a variety of professional jobs as an administrator in scientific and mathematical organisations. He took a short course in systems analysis but, lacking experience and aptitude for programming, did not pursue it. However, in 1992 he saw a connection between the systems technique of entity modelling and quantum physics. He realised that the universe has a top-down data structure that partitions quantum digital information according to subjective meaning. This insight came with a profound shift of consciousness that altered his life. Terry Edwards has published two books, Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe (on Kindle). He has also published a novel called Missing Time, a humorous fantasy story aimed at presenting some of his spiritual insights in an entertaining way. Missing Time is available electronically and in paperback through a variety of outlets, including Amazon.

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