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The art of acting

In Sanskrit, Karma means action. From now on, everything I say about acting refers also to karma. Karma is an aspect of consciousness. Consciousness relates to the number one. The number one embodies all of mathematics. As a process, karma involves the resolution of paradoxes as illustrated in the diagram known as the Taijitu (yin – yang). Shadow is the teacher that reveals the properties of light. We cannot go deeper into the workings of karma without considering the nature of love. The verb ‘to act’ means to perform. It comes from the Latin actus, to set in motion. It also means to play a role in a drama. We are all in a play, a dream and a game in a virtual[1] reality.  Acting is an art. That is why some people have charisma and influence over others. They are skilled at being themselves. That doesn’t make them better because it usually rides on the back of ego. Playing is the pastime of children. We learn human interaction through play. In universal terms the entire human race is still at its childhood stage. If we were grown up there would be no wars, no nuclear weapons, no poverty and no crime. The person who seeks to control another displays their immaturity. Thoughts of resentment and revenge over an act of wrongdoing trap both parties in a repeating sequence. That is why forgiveness is essential for progress.


Children at play create imaginative scenarios and try them out on one another. They tell each other what they are to do before they actually do it. When adults do it in games of sport they call it pre-match analysis. We agree on our roles in the spiritual dimension before we take the stage as mewling, puking infants. As method actors we immerse ourselves in our roles with total belief. It must be real if it hurts! Some of us see the earthly stage as an arena for contests of strength and skill, either to help others or get one over on them. It depends on the role you have chosen. The story is the play, a series of actions exploring a theme in which we hope to see love triumphant. Even the tragedies teach us something deeper about the human condition. It doesn’t matter because love always wins the game. The Tao joins the light and the dark together. They are not equal and opposite. They do not triumph at the expense of each other. In becoming finite we take nothing away from the infinite. Time is the conductor that orchestrates the musical score of our lives into harmony and economy of expression. Nothing is lost; nothing is wasted. There are no rushes on the cutting room floor of the universal studio. In movie terminology, every take is a wrap.

Classical or Method

The problems we face in life lie in our motivation for the part. Do we act for ourselves or for the benefit of others? An act of love is an expression of something good. This has little to do with sentimentality or feelings. Think of the expression ‘cruel to be kind’. The opposite of love is ‘not love’. Not love often originates in fear and insecurity. Stage or film acting at its best requires the player to portray realism in emotional situations. There is no need to pretend on the world stage. Here we are both actors and audience. As characters we arrive with no expectation or plan. We respond to events over which we have no control and muddle through as best we can. So where is the playwright? Who is the producer? How are we directed? We are all involved collectively and individually through our infinite selves that take into account our past and future lives here as well as other worlds or states of being. This is possible because all time is happening concurrently in the present moment. There is only one infinite existence and we all belong to it.

The trinity

The region of darkness containing your point of light represents unconscious mind, nothingness, void, quiescent or passive consciousness. Together, zero and one are the binary units behind the information content of the existence. We can think of this as quantum digital information behind the structure of the universe. Although the two dots appear separate, one in the light and one it the dark, they are coincident. So in combination each point combines value and meaning, 0, 1 and infinity, the trinity. The number one underlies all existence, its basic essence, love, is the true motivator of everything that takes form as well as everything that happens. So when form acts, the resulting elements of the story are entirely shaped by the quality of oneness or love.

Dream, drama, play or game?

Love or oneness is the factor that drives everything in separation to reunite. It is oneness that directs the process of life as it unravels the infinite possibilities inherent in mathematics and the number one. The one unit sees all, knows all and gives us the gift of life in return for seeing it through our senses. It is the involvement of the unconscious or shadow mind that ensures that the experience of the light is always fresh and spontaneous. The unconscious dreams the universe into being for the light to experience. The light plays its part by choosing what that experience will be. Action or karma provides a continuous multidimensional adjustment that keeps each part on course to its personal conclusion. It does this by integrating the individual stories of people, plants, animals, planets and atoms, etc. with the universal story.

It’s only words

Everything that exists is the product of a single idea. That idea embodies aspects such as consciousness, individuality, finite being, time, unity, substance, particular form, all of mathematics and the number one. It is the white dot in the Taijitu. It goes by other names such as unit, quantum, monad, etc. The dark dot in the light is zero, the number without value but also the centre of everything, the origin of space and time. It defines your location in the white region, which is the quality or essence of the number one. There are so many differing explanations of the term ‘soul’. I take it to mean the version of the whole of subjective, light consciousness as defined by your dark dot and the white dot to be your spirit. (Any thoughts on this?) I could just as easily define them the other way round. I’ve seen it both ways. When I open my mind to higher consciousness, I don’t ‘get words’; only abstract insights. I have to put in the terminology when I write. The dark dot is the antithesis of the light, the point that defines what you are not. Every concept implicates its antithesis. It is this that readily translates into a flawed and limited finite human being capable of making all sorts of mistakes. ‘You’ are the finite tail wagging the infinite dog.

Does it have to be this way?

Without the lower dimensions, the infinite could not evolve in complexity. The infinite oneness cannot act so it is immune to karma. Force and power are finite. All the oneness can do is love. So the infinite can only affect the universe indirectly unless it takes form. It must ‘step down’ to finite frequencies. That means it works through us, through all matter. That puts the light’s attempts to restore oneness in conflict with the vicissitudes of human nature. That is not a bad thing. Remember that nature must recycle energy in order to maintain balance. That is why there must be tigers in the jungle. In other words, negative behaviour is not fundamentally wrong. It is all learning. That does not mean that human beings cannot change by making an effort to understand the true nature of reality and rise above their base instincts. That would pull karma’s teeth and restore the light in our hearts.

Seeking solutions

It is the mathematical basis of the one unit that seeks to establish balance through karma. This ensures that every human action explores its potential and actual consequences by creating multiple time-space frameworks. All the time you are dealing with other people, each transaction breathes out a multiplicity of universes, some that are viable and some that are not. Karmic equations operate throughout space and time by bringing together everything that has ever and will occur. Their function is to extract the metaphysical light from the cosmic darkness. The principle of originality inherent in the number one ensures that no situation repeats exactly as it did before. It is the higher conscious beings that nudge the process along and adapt it for individual purpose.

Gone fishing

Inactive or potential unmanifest thoughts and concepts dwell in the unconscious void. They are zeros in nothingness where each zero has a subjective meaning. They become active and manifest in universal consciousness when the light selects and touches them. The process of the light picking what it wants from the unconscious is analogous to fishing. I wonder if this had a bearing on the work of Jesus of Nazareth. You could say that this is the immaculate aspect of conception. This process relates to free will. Nobody is forced to undertake a specific incarnation. Once we commit to a role we cannot change what happens to us in terms of key events and people. Moment by moment choices have some impact on the order of things on a small scale.

Telling One’s Story

Do not underestimate the complexity of the universe. We know in advance what we will face here. We set up agreements prior to birth with people who are destined to harm or help us. The same goes for those we are destined to encounter. That might seem strange but free will requires it. Also, it is because we are part of a totally interconnected world system. Our stories take into account the karma of the world as well as our own. It might include karma earned on some other worlds and in all states of being. Remember that the properties of the one require all actions to incorporate the principles of complexity, originality and variety. The light abhors repetition and sameness. It is only a game in which the actor is a contestant. The unconscious dreams and we who are finite are the dreamt.

Keep right on

Suicide does not cancel a debt; it merely defers it. We might look at the problems in our lives and declare, ‘no way would I have chosen to go through this’. That is because we take the finite view of things. The infinite view has a much broader perspective. Whenever we perform an action we attract a consequence. It is a feedback loop in that our choices shape our future. What we will do in the future also has a bearing on what we have to deal with now. Just remember that it is not about reward and punishment; it is about enlightenment. Most of our actions seem trivial but we are not in a position to know that. Because of the nature of time (which has subjective properties) our actions correlate with those of past and future in this life and in all our incarnations.

Lies don’t help

Much of what we face in life comes from group karma, from family and other connections as well as national and racial associations. Nothing tarnishes a nation’s future as much as winning a war. The cost of victory celebrations is much higher than just the flags and the beer. Nothing clears national karma quite like losing a war. Just think how much negative karma will come out of the conflicts of the current century.  Conflicts clear karma for some and make it for others. The lies and deception that come out of governments poison the spiritual atmosphere of the world. A great deal of what systems like governments do blights the future of those in authority. Those who implement unnecessary controls pay a price, especially when it involves force. It is in the nature of the game that those who restrict others will experience restrictions in this or future incarnations. This is how we learn. This is how love comes to know itself.

Gang culture

It is quite common to reincarnate in groups. It helps to regulate the loose ends of karma if we keep meeting the same people. That does not mean everybody we meet or deal with belongs to our group. It is the key relationships, relatives or friends or colleagues, etc. that tend to be part of our spiritual collective. It means that we can resolve past actions with one another in a convenient way. Sometimes we might only meet up once and seemingly by chance but it is possible for such moments to result in crucial events. Gender is fluid in these situations. Your father in one life might be your sister in another. We swap countries and races according to need. That is why it is nonsense to look down on people for their appearance or race or gender. That could be you next time.

Whose Round?

In the universe of quantum digital information, each manifestation of the one idea is a thought in the universal mind. Some thoughts are abstract notions; others are physical things. A thought has its own existence in a vast network of concepts that I call the universal conceptual matrix or network. This is the external aspect of karma or action. It is the way in which every part affects every other part. We accept that time operates in cycles. The greatest cycle of all takes the one unit from nothing to everything and back again. The one becomes the many by a process of fragmentation. It is like a big bang that operates on all levels of being. Existence draws the parts back together into the wholeness of the one. The process by which the parts return to the oneness involves constant change. To ensure that there is no wasted effort or experience, there are mathematical rules of cause and effect that ensure that nothing is wasted and nothing is lost. Therefore karma or action is the process behind the great cycles of time that caste events on planet earth into chapters or themes in its story.

Infinite universes

We understand physical processes of cause and effect. It is basic mechanics, things like momentum, inertia, energy transfer, etc. How it works on higher dimensions is not apparent. Good deeds, bad deeds, they all work out somehow but never in an obvious way. If we understood karma it would cease to be education and become conditioning. Love organises appropriate consequences from our actions. This too is mysterious and for a very good reason. In the pulse of time, everything winks in and out of existence. So every part changes the whole and the whole changes every part in an endless cycle. This process works on every level of being, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so on. This is the way external events through the entire multiverse direct the story of existence. The conclusion of all things is foregone. The final state of being works backwards through time to draw events towards it. This eliminates randomness and digression.

Action replays

The movement of a single particle affects the entire universe. A single action has a place in the story of the person who performs it, anybody they connect to, the nation and the world. However most actions are insignificant in the great scheme of things. A single action may change the world. The personal story entwines with the saga of the galaxy. Like an object moving under the influence of gravity we choose the path of least resistance to satisfy the needs of the oneness. On the basic level, karma does not judge the motives of an action, only its consequences. Motives come into play when we analyse the entire course of our lives after we have moved on from here. That is when we relive events in the virtual reality game machine we inhabit. That is how we learn, by replaying the records of our own lives and the records others have of us. In reliving these lives, it can be in the total sensory immersion of being them. That is why it is better to treat others the way we would wish to be treated. If we cause suffering we experience it directly. We may experience it again in future incarnations in order to understand fully the consequences of everything we do. In a universe made of love there is no other way to achieve enlightenment. That is why the more good we do the easier the path becomes, even if it does not seem so. This is why the ‘good life’ of the well-intentioned individual can seem a hard cross to bear. It might be their last chance to clear old karma before they move on to higher dimensions.


The number one, the unit of light breathes life into each part. The one sees, knows and experiences everything. That means that all the good things register in the essence of love and all the ‘bad’ things register in the shadow, the unconscious mind. When we return to the light we take with us the good that we do. In the case of some people, they take very little of good from their time here. Yet it might have seemed that they had enjoyable lives of privilege and power. On the whole it is better to give than to take. The shadow, the fear and the pain, this is trapped in the unconscious to shape events as they unfold. The light sees only love. Every moment of pain and suffering has a positive outcome in the light because it involves sacrifice. Anything we do for others enhances the oneness. This leads to growth and evolution. The accumulated negative experience in the unconscious breaks out sometimes in the form of wars and conflict. Every action has at least two possible outcomes, separation or oneness. That is where our motives play a part. Sometimes the universe presents us with moral dilemmas. This may split the timeline so that consciousness can explore every outcome. The same thing can happen when we take a major decision.

Tough love

Nothing is what it seems in this universe. It is far stranger than we could ever imagine. Each one of us exists in multiple universes. There is no absolute good and bad, only degrees of understanding. The choices we make come from our essential natures in the context of our circumstances. We do what we do because of the role we have adopted or been given. Fear of death often overrides conscience. (The last one on the lifeboat is a cissy!) Some people have no conscience because they are primitive souls. Their progress might be minimal but they add to the testing of those of us who do know more. Dolores Cannon’s enquiries through deep somnambulistic hypnosis referred to them as backdrop people. In spite of this, we do not go backwards when we choose to reincarnate. Each subsequent role reflects our level of consciousness and our spiritual history. In that sense, nature pre-programs our response to given situations. Although in each life we adopt a fixed design, the character is not entirely set in concrete. We can overcome our limitations, especially when we learn to act from the heart. Principle can overcome a lack of integrity, courage and ability but feeling is a better guide than intellect.

Who’s to blame?

When loss occurs people say why does God allow this to happen? They imagine that there should only be good things in the material world. No force in the universe can overturn the freewill of consciousness. It is undesirable that it should. Without freedom to act we could not benefit from the hidden tests and obstacles that our own karma throws in our path. The one has given us the gift of free will but it comes with personal responsibility. The consolation is that we are not physical beings. We are infinite ideas manifest in a virtual form. Our true essence is beyond harm, beyond death because it is love. It might not be fun but it is all learning. Love makes us, love tests us and in the end we add to the one’s knowledge of itself.

[1] The Online Etymology Dictionary says of virtual: the meaning “being something in essence or effect, though not actually or in fact” is from mid-15c., probably via sense of “capable of producing a certain effect” (early 15c.). Computer sense of “not physically existing but made to appear by software” is attested from 1959. In other words the reality lies in the abstract essence rather than the physical content, which is only information anyway.

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Terry Edwards was naturally psychic as a child but lost it on entering his teens. At the age of eleven he began to take an interest in science, which he naturally coupled with a spiritual perspective. He obtained degrees in physics and information science. In 1968 he began writing science fiction/fantasy novel called The Mandroid (never published). In his twenties, he trained as a medium and healer. His psychic abilities were too inconsistent to pursue but proved to be a useful preparation for later work. Now retired, he had a variety of professional jobs as an administrator in scientific and mathematical organisations. He took a short course in systems analysis but, lacking experience and aptitude for programming, did not pursue it. However, in 1992 he saw a connection between the systems technique of entity modelling and quantum physics. He realised that the universe has a top-down data structure that partitions quantum digital information according to subjective meaning. This insight came with a profound shift of consciousness that altered his life. Terry Edwards has published two books, Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe (on Kindle). He has also published a novel called Missing Time, a humorous fantasy story aimed at presenting some of his spiritual insights in an entertaining way. Missing Time is available electronically and in paperback through a variety of outlets, including Amazon.

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