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July 2020

How often have we heard the phrase, ‘History repeats itself’? However, this isn’t just a cliché but a cosmic truth. We would do well to respect it. The world evolves via cycles of different duration. Ages of progress and plenty are preceded and followed by ages

The art of acting In Sanskrit, Karma means action. From now on, everything I say about acting refers also to karma. Karma is an aspect of consciousness. Consciousness relates to the number one. The number one embodies all of mathematics. As a process, karma involves the

As a child in the Fifties, I believed that professional people like bank managers and solicitors had integrity. Unfortunately those days are long gone. Scams and fraud are the norm rather than the exception. The 2008 financial crisis came about partly from toxic debt, the

A friend invited me for a dinner meeting at her home in the apartment complex of ‘Grayshott’. Intrigued by the origins of the name, I set out in search of its history and learnt the following: Grayshott is a hamlet somewhere near Southampton, U.K. and