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‘Standing Together’ and ‘The Source’

Standing Together

Created from the one great Source
We all are bound together,
Giving us the strength of will
To defeat this plague forever.

If we stand as one to fight this fight
There is nothing that we can’t do,
And with the help of our Creator
Our life and world we will renew.

Trusting that our prayers are heard
Meet each new day with hope not fear.
Don’t give up and don’t give in,
Guardian Angels are always near.

   The Source.

  Flowing all around and through us
From one unending source,
A mighty wave of energies
That sets us on our course.

         A course we have to choose ourself
As we have our own free will.
Choices to be made carefully
There’s a destiny to fulfill.

                 When the chosen path comes to its end
And we return to face the “One”
The only question we must answer is
While on earth, what have you really done?

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Bernadette Jones was born in Dublin, Ireland, schooled in Birmingham, England , and presently lives in Parma, Ohio, USA. From childhood, Bernadette had always an interest in metaphysics and writing. An interest in Astrology brought her in contact with Theosophists and in 1978 she became a member of the Society. She has served as Secretary and as Hostess to Besant Branch In Cleveland, Ohio. Getting to work with Theosophists and meeting with speakers has expanded her knowledge of how the Universe works and in writing inspirational verse she hopes to inspire others to look at our world/ universe in a more philosophical light.

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