In 2007 and 2008 I presented a series of talks to a number of Theosophical  Society lodges up and down the country entitled “Visions of the Future : An esoteric view of the future of the human race as indicated by spiritual astrology.” We are aware that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, and that we are now in a transition period and so we can expect old forms and out-grown ideas from the Age of Pisces to be swept away. We must therefore be prepared for such change – the conflict before the harmony. The First Ray of Will and Power has three aspects; it is the Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer. And the one planet which represents the disruptive, eruptive and destructive force in esoteric astrology is Pluto, often referred to as the planet of Power.

On 25th January, 2008, Pluto moved into the initiatory sign of Capricorn, and will transit this sign until the year 2024 and in that time –  a full sixteen years –  the Pluto/Capricorn combination will ensure the “sweeping away” so  characteristic  of  the  destroyer  aspect  of  the  First  Ray. The crisis points within this period will be indicated by particular conjunctions of planets which will describe the conflict to be resolved. In 2024 Pluto finally  moves  into  Aquarius. The purging and purification work will be largely complete, and humanity will expand into a more compassionate and co-operative culture, reflecting and mirroring the principles of group and community working.

So the period of time from 2008 until 2024 will see planetary crises concerned with the re-payment of karma of harmfulness to the planet itself. But with them, as always with the re-payment of karma, the opportunity to change those actions which humanity engages in that are damaging and involutionary, selfish and materialistic, separative and exclusive. It is humanity’s destiny to walk through the purifying fires of initiation with Pluto in Capricorn, and we must remember always that initiation produces huge changes in consciousness. So, with Capricorn ruling mountains, we move from the mountain of karma, which we as a group (humanity) have created, to the mountain of initiation, which is our spiritual birth-right.

Our current planetary crisis represents the culmination of many lesser crises that have been slowly building through Pluto’s transit in the previous sign of Sagittarius, particularly in the fields of planetary/climate neglect and religious fundamentalism. Pluto’s first function is to drag these, such as our continual pollution of the planet, to the surface of our consciousness so that we are forced to deal with them. Matters have to reach crisis point and then, and sadly only then, we can’t evade them any longer and are forced to make changes on the right basis for the betterment of both humanity and of the planet that supports and provides the conditions for our very existence.

Capricorn is symbolised by winter in the Northern hemisphere, which is the darkest time of the year. It is no coincidence that it is in this hemisphere that the virus is now wreaking its greatest havoc. Now Pluto rules the duality of  Heaven and Hell, and so humanity, if it sincerely aspires to the Heaven – the promulgation of the Spiritual Good of Altruism and Philanthropy  –  has to deal with the Hell of all the self-centred consumerism and the hoarding of energy producing money so self-evident in today’s world. We are at the crossroads. At the same time, the mountain goat of Capricorn is transformed into the Unicorn, and, as its one horn alludes to, we all move in the same one spiritual direction – and so fulfil the Divine Plan for Humanity.

In my workshops in November 2019 I wanted to update my friends who truly understand the prophetic power of Esoteric Astrology, as to Pluto’s progress through Capricorn. I had computed a conjunction of five plants in Capricorn on 12 January 2020. When these transits were run against the national chart for the UK, a clear and deadly opposition was indicated. Cancer, the fourth sign and ruler of the fourth house, rules the “four horsemen of the apocalypse “ and this ( Moon in Cancer ) aspect was present in the New York event chart of 11/09/2001. Then, the particular horsemen were death and war, but today I would suggest we have death and pestilence. Both circumstances produce terror and fear, and are part of the planetary “Dweller on the Threshold”.

When the planet Neptune is transiting with a direct motion, we, as humanity, are lost in our own self-created fog of misunderstanding and misinformation. But it is our task to shine our lights most brightly until the fog is dispersed: and Capricorn will ensure that we are thrown back on our own resources while we do this. But spiritual aid is soon to be on hand. Auspiciously, on Midsummer’s Day, June 22nd, this year, Neptune’s motion turns retrograde and starts to exhibit the exact opposite of the qualities just listed. Spiritual Staying Power will be available to the planet and we will discern a clear path through the current predicament.

One of the five conjunct planets in Capricorn, Saturn, has been cutting lives short with his scythe, but, with a quicker motion, has now moved away from Pluto, and this eases the situation. But in the period August to October this year, Saturn also turns retrograde, and moves backwards, towards Pluto once again, but this time will only get within three degrees of Pluto, so I would suggest potential disruption again of just one-third the effect of the current situation, and we will have the enlightenment of Neptune Retrograde, but this time it could be a re-fashioning of economic and financial systems, as a result of the situation now.

The last time Pluto forayed into Capricorn was in 1762, and fourteen years later, in 1776, America declared its independence from Britain, after a period of intense dissatisfaction between the two nations. Transiting Pluto has thus far played a critical role in destroying the values of the old world. We need to trust that what is happening is a clearing away of the old to make way for the new. When we die, we leave our old personality behind and awaken once again on the physical plane with a new set of opportunities ahead of us. Time will tell us that our present travails are all directed towards the dawning of the new Age, and we will have ended our practice of much that was both unhealthy for our planet and spiritually empty for ourselves.


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Ted Capstick is Britain's leading esoteric astrologer who has given numerous readings over the past 20 years. His system, incorporating the ideas of Alice Bailey and the English esotericist Dr Douglas Baker with whom he studied extensively, highlights the astrology of the soul rather than the personality. A long-standing member of the Theosophical Society, Ted is a former finance director with the National Health Service. He is a regular speaker to UK lodges and has given a wide range of talks during the current crisis. He lives in North Wales.

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