Your Soul has a note, so crystal clear that its expression resounds through the cosmos creating vibrations of truth, beauty and goodness rippling out in great transforming waves to affect the expression of life itself.

When Soul notes combine we create the music of the heavens, God’s symphony with its power to create magic, heal and restore harmony, align with peace and the energy of love divine.  Every note is needed in this universal song of transformation that lifts the vibration of all it touches into that of love.

Love is the vibration of our universe, of all universes and the dimensions within them.  It is not a sentimental feeling, but a powerful energy of the highest vibration that pervades all of creation and ignites the buddhic nature within us into expression. Qualities like compassion, empathy, understanding, tolerance, kindness and forgiveness flow from this higher expression of the heart.

There develops a natural capacity to lift up out of the lower desire nature, to be open to the revelation of truth about any given situation and a capacity to see the soul in another no matter how base their words or behaviour.  Insights and understanding flow and we develop and grow spiritually and return to love and connection experienced as unity with the Universal.

Harmlessness in thought, intention and action evolves quite naturally day by day, moment by moment as we learn to express our soul note.  This process of increasing self-awareness and the change in response to the world is a direct consequence of the increase in consciousness or attunement with the vibration or note of the Christ consciousness within each of us.  We come to realise that Life and its experiences offers us many opportunities for a continuous tuning process as we evolve to become clear open instruments for the expression of our Soul note.

The idea that the world was created by sound out of nothing or silence is central to Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  We have the Gospel of John “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God and the Word was God”.

There is a Vedic saying “Nada Brahma” that translates as “All is Sound” or “Sound is God” In Vedic teachings pure consciousness is silent, and could not experience itself without creating contrast or friction.  This friction was the Om that arose from the silence and this Om diversified into all of the different vibrations of sound creating the Universe as we experience it.  This sounding of the Om is continuous and contains within it all of the vibrations of all of the sounds in the manifest world.  When we attune with our Soul note we connect with the vibration that created the Universe, with the aspect of God within us.

Modern physics is increasingly supporting the Ancient wisdom teachings that everything in the Universe is energy simply vibrating at different frequencies.

Sound has a vibrational frequency range, light has a vibrational frequency range and we live in a sea of different energies and frequencies of vibration.

These affect us through our etheric energy body and our chakras that act as vortices or valves allowing subtle energy into our being in direct relation to our spiritual development.  As we evolve spiritually we can tolerate and contact energies of increasingly higher vibrations and we learn to choose to connect with the Universal vibration of love.   We recognise when we have lost this connection and allowed the lower vibration of fear and all its manifestations to infuse our being and make a mindful choice to return to love.  This in turn lifts our vibrational energy, and tunes our note of expression.

As we grow and transmute the negative energies of the different aspects of our personality that require healing we clear the blockages and chakras open to vibrate with a clear pure note that is in perfect harmony with our soul note.  Unresolved healing creates discord and disharmony and prevents this flow of subtle energy.  We experience this process of growth in the vitality that infuses our physical body as chakra’s open and sing our celestial song. Many can see this change in the emanation of their beautiful colours or vibrations.

What we experience as physical matter is simply energy vibrating at a lower frequency of vibration.  It appears dense and solid. To spiritualise matter is to bring Spiritual energies which have a higher vibration down into matter to raise its vibrational frequency.   Our Higher Self or Soul infuses our lower Personality with its vibration or its Soul note.

At any given moment we are vibrating at a frequency that is the sum total of our external energy environment and our internal response to it.  This note or frequency depends on how we are physically, emotionally, mentally and how in tune we are spiritually.  To continue our example, Fear is an energy that is contagious and as mentioned is simply an absence of connection to the all-pervading energy of love.  When a fear response is triggered by events in our life we have a choice to drop down into that lower frequency and let it determine our behaviour and our thoughts.  We can become immersed in fear, experiencing the physical, emotional and mental symptoms of fear and we will react from a place of survival with little regard for others, as a selfish act to self-preserve.    If however in that first moment of the fear response we chose to use our discriminative mind and lift above the emotion of fear and witness this fear as simply a disconnection we are lifting up into connection with our Higher Self and returning to a connection to love.  This choice will open us to greater understanding and illumination about our response from our Higher Self and allows intuitive guidance and wisdom to determine our action.  This action will be from a place of love and compassion and keep our energy vibration high and in tune with our Soul.  This is how we sound our soul note in our moment by moment choices.  We choose love over fear, understanding over Judgement, compassion over anger and condemnation.

Our vibration is reflected in our etheric body or energy field and can be sensed by most and seen by some.  The extent to which our soul note can be expressed depends on the quality of the personality instrument, how integrated and coordinated the physical, etheric, emotional and mental aspects have become and how open and clear the communication channel is, the rainbow bridge or Antakarana between the soul and the personality.

Over many lifetimes there is a surrender of the individual notes of the various aspects of the personality to the one note of the soul pure and clear.  Prior to full integration and coordination the various notes of the personality created discord and disharmony that prompted the needed healing and resolution. Eventually our soul note itself surrenders to blend into the symphony of the stars and we return to sing with the divine essence and resonate with pure bliss.

Life works through the principle of entrainment.  This is the phenomena we witness when our vibrational frequency comes into tune or resonance with the vibrational frequencies in our environment.  We witness this when a string plucked on one guitar in a room will cause the vibration of the same string in another guitar on the other side of the room, or when clocks in the same room come into a resonant rhythm of ticking together.  We witness this in moments of mass unity whether these are expressions of united compassion for a major world disaster or when personalities of high moral character are swept into negative actions in a crowd they would never contemplate on their own.  This explains the power play between people, when one forceful personality can control and manipulate another through the power of their energy and a mind strongly polarised on personal ambition. They create discord in the other, thus disempowering that individual.  Or conversely when a personality attuned to their soul note can inspire and lift others into higher vibrations through the power of their words, and the energy we feel in their presence. We can falsely represent our words and actions but we cannot fake our energy vibration.

When we engage with Higher Spiritual teachings that resonate with truth these inspire us and lift our vibrational energy.  Should we get caught up in the emotional dramas of the emotional desire nature this tends to lower our vibrational frequency.  Yet through the action of the discriminative mind, we may see the drama playing out and choose instead to sound our soul note.

Every choice, every action affects our energy vibration.  For example, time in nature attunes us to the healing energy frequency of our planet, the Schuman resonance that creates feelings of peace and evokes a theta brain wave or higher functioning, intuitive, calm and clear state of mind.  This is another example of the principle of entrainment that is the understanding behind energy healing lifestyle choices and practices.*

When we sound our soul note we play our part in the divine plan to create a new world, to bring heaven to earth.  We spiritualise matter in every moment of our day as the vibration of our note touches all sentient beings with which we have contact and connection.  With each choice to sound our soul note we invoke the soul note of those we connect with and potentially lift their vibrational energy.  The result of this soul note connection is the development of right relations and the restoration of truth, beauty and goodness.  This is an act of service to all.

David Hawkins in his book “Power vs Force” mapped the various states of human consciousness after extensive research.  The lowest vibration was Shame at 20, Guilt at 30, Apathy at 50, moving up to Fear at 100, Anger 150, Courage 200, Acceptance 350, Love 500, and Peace at 600 with the highest level of Enlightenment at 1000.  He developed a mathematical algorithm that demonstrated that the majority of humanity vibrates at low levels, below 200 around the level of fear and anger, but when just 15% of the world lift up to resonate above a critical level with the higher vibrations of peace and love they have the collective power to counterbalance the negativity of the remaining 85% as the scale is logarithmic. Just one individual resonating at the level of love counterbalances 750 thousand people resonating at the lower levels.  One individual resonating at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200. This model explains how one Avatar or enlightened individual can totally counterbalance the collective negativity of all of mankind and pave the way for major shifts in the evolution of consciousness.

So how do we hear and sound our soul note?

It is not easy to hear our soul note in the busyness of a mind attuned to the world of the senses. There is too much noise and distraction and no space to listen and truly hear.  To connect with this vibration within us we are called to retreat from the world and into the quiet of our inner world, into the contemplative and into the deep peace of meditation.  In meditation we come into resonance with our Soul’s vibration and allow it to permeate and align our whole being, attuning to its deep intuitive wisdom to guide our life along our soul path and what we need to heal, develop and do in this incarnation.   As we step onto this path there arises a quality of deep fulfilment, a sense of rightness and our soul infuses our etheric body with energy and we feel inspired.  Intuitively our path will unfold. Sometimes we are aware of what is asked of us and see the path clearly, other times the stepping stones only appear as and when we need to step onto them.  But with each step we come into tune, allowing our soul note to burst forth and work its magic.  The Universe rejoices as we join the symphony.


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Teresa has studied and been involved in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Meditation through many different schools in New Zealand, Australia and most recently The Theosophical Society and Lucis Trust here in the UK. She teaches Yoga and Meditation and has been a National Speaker for the Theosophical Society. More recently Teresa has embarked on her Own Teresa Talks on Applied Ancient wisdom teachings often interwoven with modern scientific understandings followed by Group meditations on a Thursday evening. You can find all of these on youtube on her channel, Teresa Keast. “My philosophy is simple, as my own understanding grows I feel a deep inner compulsion to share these insights toward helping others and raising the collective consciousness. As a natural healer and teacher I find that my particular skill is in the practical application of Ancient Wisdom Teachings and the transformation this naturally brings”

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