February 2021

 Brothers on the Shining Path-A cautionary tale of spiritual politics. By Fanny P. Wolstenhulme                  AUTHOR’S NOTE This is exclusively a work of fiction and any resemblance to contemporary or historical events or organisations or individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental.

Your Soul has a note, so crystal clear that its expression resounds through the cosmos creating vibrations of truth, beauty and goodness rippling out in great transforming waves to affect the expression of life itself. When Soul notes combine we create the music of the heavens,

A revelation In 1992 I came across a book called "Information and the Internal Structure of the Universe" by Professor Tom Stonier (Springe-Verlag, 1990) of the University of Bradford. In it, Stonier describes how information is a fundamental component of all physical phenomena, whether biological or

Spiritual traditions, including Theosophy, say that a human being is a hierarchy of several bodies other than the physical. Some names that have been given to them are etheric, astral/emotional, mental, causal, and soul. The causal body has been described as being responsible for the