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Since researching as a post-graduate sociology of religion student into nature religion in the 1970s Ken has gone on to establish his own niche as a lecturer in esoteric traditions in a variety of London based colleges and universities as well as running many experiential workshops and Day Schools, presenting countless one-off talks and small group and individual training circles. He has penned several published articles, acted as consultant to academics and holds, or has held memberships of the Theosophical and Swedenborg Societies, Co-Masonry, the Fintry Trust and the Alister Hardy Society for the Study of Spiritual Experience. He stresses the importance of discovering one's own personal myth and living this as functionally as possible rather than following any particular `name' or tradition, however illustrious the glamour attached to them might be. For over 40 years he has adopted an attitude of critical empathy towards such spiritual traditions, as both participant and constructive commentator within these.