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Kent Leopold Sabata is a member of an esoteric society that seeks out the fundamental truth that the mystic teacher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff called the ALL and EVERYTHING. The ALL and EVERYTHING is exactly that, it's the ALL and EVERYTHING. It contains all the truth about mans constitution and the laws that pervade through the fabric of our reality. The philosophy of this society is that everything can be known but only through the action of self perfecting, through developing the highest reason man has. Kent was a student of the fourth way from a very young age, picking up his first fourth way book at the age of 18. From that time to his late 30s he joined many different groups’ lineage and non-lineage. 8 years ago he realized that the path that was created through Gurdjieffs direct students could only lead so far so he abandoned the Fourth Way and only focused on the writings of Gurdjieff. After years of constant study, taking apart Gurdjieff first series paragraph by paragraph Kent started to understand the fundamental truths Gurdjieff left. Learning this truth he started seeing it in all esoteric works, validating everything he acquired. Now he would just call himself an “ESOTERICIST”