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Terry Edwards was naturally psychic as a child but lost it on entering his teens. At the age of eleven he began to take an interest in science, which he naturally coupled with a spiritual perspective. He obtained degrees in physics and information science. In 1968 he began writing science fiction/fantasy novel called The Mandroid (never published). In his twenties, he trained as a medium and healer. His psychic abilities were too inconsistent to pursue but proved to be a useful preparation for later work. Now retired, he had a variety of professional jobs as an administrator in scientific and mathematical organisations. He took a short course in systems analysis but, lacking experience and aptitude for programming, did not pursue it. However, in 1992 he saw a connection between the systems technique of entity modelling and quantum physics. He realised that the universe has a top-down data structure that partitions quantum digital information according to subjective meaning. This insight came with a profound shift of consciousness that altered his life. Terry Edwards has published two books, Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe (on Kindle). He has also published a novel called Missing Time, a humorous fantasy story aimed at presenting some of his spiritual insights in an entertaining way. Missing Time is available electronically and in paperback through a variety of outlets, including Amazon.