Anima Mundi - Spiritual Ecology

Christmas is the season of a miracle. With "miracle," we mean to indicate an event

Richard Smoley is a writer, author, and speaker who focuses on the world’s mystical and

“In the summer of 1996 a tired-looking man was standing on a street corner in

In my book ‘Monkey Mind Robot Body’ one of my main characters is shocked, as

In the majority of religions, the head deities are a male and female pair. Some

At times in human history where people and power become increasingly focused in towns and

Rob Hopkins launched his new book a couple of months back – on the theme

In 1888 The Secret Doctrine was published, written by Theosophical Society founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

In the teachings of Gurdjieff and The Fourth Way, Man is regarded as taking part

Humanity’s spectacular progress over the past three centuries – especially its exponential embrace of technological

Was Stonehenge built for profit? Was The Parthenon meant to yield a reliable income stream

I thought it would be a good idea to begin this article with a definition

Theosophy as a Panacea for Urban Decay In the November issue of The Lancet, the Australian

It is written in the Zoroastrian religious texts that; “Whoever care for all these seven

What kind of place is the world? Is it enchanted or is it just drab?

In a woods far away there is a workshop inside which is a young man

When John Vidumsky, a Philadelphia based rowing reporter went to the first floor restaurant  of

It is a sacrilege not to preserve the immortality of the soul, raising it to

These words from Mme Blavatsky, perhaps encapsulate a sense of Anima Mundi/World Soul: “Matter is the

We’re currently grappling with two contradictory and competing narratives which are entirely incompatible.We want to

One  of the main teachings of Theosophy is that we are as much a part

Plants are an important part of this planet’s ecology and in olden days people worked


This year the international Convention of the Theosophical Society will be organised at the headquarters

I attended the ITHC when it was held in London over the last few years

On Monday 16th September, 2019, Peace Mala organised an uplifting and beautiful Interfaith service in


It has been said that a person becomes a true human only when his or her latent spiritual powers awaken. And this can be achieved when activating the innate power

The conventional methods of farming that have been put into place in the last one hundred years is ruining the land, the soil is eroded by chemicals, the wildlife is

One  of the main teachings of Theosophy is that we are as much a part of nature as  a tree or a flower. The Secret Doctrine by HP Blavatsky goes

For 99.9 per cent of people for 99.9 per cent of the time 99.9 per cent of their perception is focused exclusively on the physical matrix of our planet. Although

This is an organic world, the earth and water established with a diverse zoology of

To me, Extinction Rebellion are doing a great job, they are putting forward a very

All over the world, men and women alike are waking up to the need to

In this world where complexity rules, it seems we are moving further and further away

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