For 99.9 per cent of people for 99.9 per cent of the time 99.9 per cent of their perception is focused exclusively on the physical matrix of our planet. Although this is a slight exaggeration, it does mean that attention is almost solely locked on to the material causes and effects of pollution, resource depletion, species extinction, climate change and the numerous other critical crunch-points currently facing a bewildered humanity.

Most people are entirely unaware of the fact that the Earth – just like ourselves and indeed everything else on it – also consists of subtler energy bodies which ultimately are the controlling agents of the physical plane. We are in blissful ignorance of this. But it’s time we wised up.

So the task of cleansing and healing a wounded and abused planet isn’t just a physical task. It’s a metaphysical one. It needs to first unfold in the non-material realms. And it needs to have a morality usually absent from a exclusively materially-based view of the world. That means a change of attitude.

Materialism is a curse not just because it turns people into consumerist zombies who believe that all the Earth’s bounty is up for grabs. It’s even worse than that. Materialism shrinks higher consciousness. It turns everyone into short-termist profiteers fuelled by greed, acquisition and ambition for more. It denies the existence of a soul or that life can exist in the non-physical realms. It encourages selfishness. And it creates perma-conflict. Materialism isn’t our future.

Let’s remind ourselves of the way that the Ageless Wisdom teachings – theosophy and similar traditions – regard the constitution of matter. Remember that these ancient assertions involve a body of cosmic laws which govern the entire evolution of the universe. And us, too. They aren’t trendy, modern speculations but timeless truths.

According to the esoteric interpretation, the physical spectrum consists not just of solids, liquids and gases (and maybe plasma) but four additional, even finer states known as etheric matter. Members of all kingdoms of nature – mineral, plant, animal and human – all possess etheric bodies which direct the influences from the higher astral and mental planes. Humans’ etheric bodies contain energetic meridians governing the seven chakras or wheels of energy connected to our vital organs. They dictate our health and well-being. The Earth has similar key nodes.

The astral plane is an exact mirror image of the physical world reflecting it in every detail. This is its prototyping department where the blueprints and plans from the mental world begin to form templates ultimately destined to materialise physically.

Unless and until there is a wider understanding and acceptance of life beyond the physical, there is only a minimal chance of our even identifying the pressing environmental issues let alone solving them. But this requires a sea-change in our understanding of the world. Will there be time for such a mass revelation?

The important message for everyone to learn is: Thoughts are things. Thoughts have enormous power. Thoughts shape the world.

Thoughts produce the energies of desire which ferment in their own unique world – the astral.

Comparatively few people accept this notion at the moment. It goes against everything that science, politics, religions and a possession-obsessed society have dictated and conditioned us to unquestioningly believe. Therefore, it’s assumed that only physical measures can be deployed to deal with problems caused by a purely physical understanding of the world. Wrong. Think about it for a moment. All physical actions are preceded by mental activity (thoughts, dreams, plans or aspirations) which are then fuelled by the desire and emotion to see these things actualised. So thought always precedes activity. As occultists always assert: energy follows thought.

Like us, Planet Earth has an etheric body, an invisible matrix which animates, protects and communicates vital energies received from the wider cosmos. The Earth also has its astral realm extending from somewhere beneath its surface to near the moon. It possesses a mental body – or to be precise, two such bodies, a lower body controlling mundane and concrete thoughts and a higher one displaying a more elevated consciousness of truth, beauty and appreciation of grandeur.

The remedial work needs to begin on these inner planes of reality. And this work needs to begin with an assessment of not just how we poison the oceans, de-forest entire countries or drive species to extinction – but why? What has given us the right to rape Mother Earth and trash the classrooms of this planetary place of learning? Is our arrogance due to our ignorance?

Before we can behave differently we first need to think differently and desire differently. It’s essential to remove selfishness and ingrained notions of personal gain as much as possible from this process. Our solutions must be based on the fact that this Earth is a single, unified, interconnected and interdependent living entity and we are just some of its components.

Humans are the only department of nature capable of producing occasionally creative but often catastrophic effects on our world – and human beings are the only ones who can remedy this.

As well as understanding that we’re more than lumps of flesh and bone, it’s also vital that humans understand that these subtler bodies are the vehicles for us to reincarnate in different physical forms as part of our evolution. The way to counteract short-termism is to promote the truth that every human being is part of an eternal continuum and on an endless journey.

We will all be back here again on Earth at some point in new bodies and since karma dictates that we shall reap what we’ve sewn in the past, do we come back to a paradise or a wasteland?

Eco-hysteria is no longer enough. What is called for now is a more precise and sophisticated appreciation of how we and our world are made. And a different way of thinking and applying those thoughts.

This may not just be desirable but about our very survival.

Mahatma Gandhi, the spiritual Father of India, didn’t need much ‘stuff’ to get through life. Why do we?



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Tim Wyatt is a journalist, writer and international lecturer on esoteric subjects based in Yorkshire. He is the author of numerous books including Cycles Of Eternity: An Overview of the Ageless Wisdom. His forthcoming book, Everyone’s Book of the Dead is due to be published in the autumn.

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