One  of the main teachings of Theosophy is that we are as much a part of nature as  a tree or a flower. The Secret Doctrine by HP Blavatsky goes into this interconnectedness in detail.  Sadly this is very much a society of separateness, a world dominated by coercion instead of love; where the head rules over the heart. Humanity in general seems to be unable to see the bigger picture and shuts out the fact that life on a personal level is fleeting and so everything nowadays revolves around the care and protection of the little personality at the expense of other personalities and the planet in general.  

The fact that poachers are driving the elephant towards extinction merely to obtain the ivory tusks shows how divorced we  are from becoming a compassionate planet. Leo Tolstoy remarked that if we had been able to follow the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount then there would be no need for Police Forces or the sort of Governments that we now have.  People have been indoctrinated with the idea that money is the only god.  Countless individuals have died needlessly as a  result of mankind’s greed, so that others could obtain a few baubles in life’s busy marketplace. 

It is a brutal world and brutal thought sends out negative vibrations that affect the environment and cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and violent weather conditions. This is because everything is connected, we cannot separate ourselves from nature as we so desperately try to do. Thoughts are real things that can be guardian angels or vengeful devils! 

“The Voice of the Silence” by HP Blavatsky states: 

“Alas, alas, that all men should possess Alaya, be one with the great Soul, and that possessing it, Alaya should so little avail them! Behold how like the moon, reflected in the tranquil waves, Alaya is reflected by the small and by the great, is mirrored in the tiniest atoms, yet fails to reach the heart of all. Alas, that so few men should profit by the gift, the priceless boon of learning truth, the right perception of existing things, the Knowledge of the non-existent! “

It’s all a matter of how much we care for this world, how much we love every creature, every plant,  every living thing;  including our fellow human beings.

So it is essential in our lives is to see ourselves and others as Spiritual Beings, we must not confine our view of others to an awareness of their limitations -but towards an appreciation of their potential.  Nor must we compare ourselves to others and feel superior because of our supposed greater knowledge or feel inferior because we think someone is way ahead of us –we all have the same potential, we all share the same Spirit we all come from one Source and return to the same Source.

Once we realise that we are Spiritual Beings we will look upon life differently.  We will have a love and respect for nature and all our plans will take nature into consideration.  When we build dwellings and towns we will think of a way to construct causing the least damage to nature instead of destroying thousands of acres of countryside to build motorways or runways that decimate land that has been untouched for thousands of years.    We will cease to be thoughtless, as our souls will unite with the soul of all things the Universal Soul and we will see all sentient beings as our brothers and sisters and treat everyone with respect.  We will develop the innocence of Miranda, the magician Prospero’s daughter, in Shakespeare’s play the “Tempest”.  When she saw many people gathered together for the time she said:

O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in’t!

May we all one day see that Wonder in our fellow  creatures  and learn to love and care for  this shining globe we call home.

Written by

Wayne was born in Farnworth nr Bolton, Lancashire. He worked for 20 years as a gardener. In 1973 he joined the Theosophical Society in and has been President of the Bolton Lodge for about 25 years. Wayne is also the joint Vice President of the North-Western Federation and editor of the North-Western Federation Journal. He is a national speaker for the Theosophical Society and also contributes articles to the Theosophist and other Theosophical magazines. He also rites poems and stories and enjoys music, art, nature and literature.

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