Anima Mundi, Antahkarana and our Physical Environment

These words from Mme Blavatsky, perhaps encapsulate a sense of Anima Mundi/World Soul:

“Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesised by Life, which pervades them all.” SD i 491 In these few words we sense an environment of fusion, Oneness.

But how can we, living here in our day-to-day environment approach such a state of being? On this plane, where we find ourselves incarnated, we mostly live in what Martin Buber described as an ‘I-it’ relationship with the world around us, rather than one of an I-Thou relationship, one that is of the nature of inclusive Oneness. The I-it environment is that in which each of us identifies ourselves individually as an ‘it’ and everything else we perceive around us as an ‘it’ too. I’m here and that table is over there, it’s outside of me!

In the knowledge of our dual nature, that of the lower self and the Higher, we may well ask, how best to perceive beyond the physical senses, appearances of this I-it relationship, beyond our Personality self; that of the physical, emotional and lower mental (rational) aspects, and come consciously to ‘see through’?

Science has brought us some answers in light of the physical environment aspect of Personality.

To illustrate you are invited to view this video::

 Universe is Conscious [Through the Wormhole]

As the video shows, science is revealing that there is much more to our physical self and the appearance of our physical environment than we usually perceive through the five senses. It intimates that it takes consciousness, or conscious awareness to be aware of any ‘thing’, to be aware of our physical self, another person, a family, a society et al. It is suggested that there is a Conscious Universe expressing on varying ‘planes’ of manifestation, some of which we as human beings are aware, and some of which exist, but of which we are unaware. In HPB’s words, “Matter is Spirit at its lowest point of manifestation and spirit is matter at its highest.”2

What does this knowledge have to do with us at this time living on planet Earth? As conscious beings we have the opportunity to view ourselves from different perspectives, plus we have the gift of choice.

With the three Personality aspects in mind we question our daily environmental experiences as to their purpose and meaning and discover much of the state of where we find ourselves is being enacted out of unexamined, conditioning thinking, ideas about who and what we think we are, what Life is. In the process we begin to become acutely aware, through honest self-observation, we are indeed relating to the environment in an I-it relationship. We automatically view, define and judge the things, people, et al around us as being separate, outside ourselves. A perspective that many times results in an environment of ‘dis-ease,’ both outwardly and inwardly. A far cry from the Unity of an I-Thou relationship with our environment.

The gift of conscious choice is part of the human dynamic and each one regardless of circumstances has the opportunity to exercise their ability to choose. Choose what? Whether to live out of automatic, conditioned thinking, in an I-it environment of the lower self, or to take a step inward and open into a different relational environment; one of I-Thou.

It takes a conscious act on our part to look within at our conditioned thinking patterns and automatic emotional responses. Once we become aware of these conditions, the challenge becomes actively to address, ‘loosen,’ ‘see through’ wherever we find ourselves ‘stuck’ in a sense of the Personality environment. The greatest challenge for many is to choose, “Do I want to remain caught in this state or not?” This movement is not achieved by the rational, lower mind. However, fortunately, if we choose yes, then through practice of various forms of meditation available to us we discover openings to a new sense of environment, a more unified sense, one of Unity, that may then reveal and allow for a conscious sense of Anima Mundi, World Soul.

Ecology is defined in part by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries as, “the relation of plants and living creatures to each other and to their environment; the study of this . . .”

Antahkarana, the Path, has long been practiced in the East but now, of necessity, is more prevalent in the West. This archetype exists within the human psyche and is therefore available for all to consciously use as in ‘internal cause,’ or as HPB describes, “. . . that imaginary bridge between the divine and the human egos.”3

We may surmise perhaps that Antahkarana, commonly known as the Rainbow Bridge, is of a similar archetypal nature or quality as that of Hermes, messenger of the gods. When we open our current Personality earth bound concepts, our rational thinking, and release bound up emotional energy patterns, our conscious awareness in traversing the Rainbow Bridge may open into the realm of Higher Self. It is a consciousness that is abstract in nature, not caught in aspects of the lower self of Personality. Although indescribable, it is sometimes intimated or glimpsed as that which is Nothingness, Infinite Being.

Hermes may then be free, by means of Antahkarana, to convey messages of the gods, from spirit infused Anima Mundi, World Soul to our now more receptive conscious awareness of the Personality for greater well-being and relatedness in daily life. Traversing the Rainbow Bridge brings about a fusion of the lower self and that of the Higher so we may function in more fulfilling ways within the environment of this incarnation. It is an alchemical process through which we may evolve and find ourselves more fully attuned with Anima Mundi, Divine Will and Love.

Note: Recommended meditation: “7 Chakras Spoken Word Guided Meditation, Visualization, Relaxing, Chakra Healing, Balancing” with Jason Stephenson



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Born and raised in England, Zoë visited California at the age of twenty. The intended three-month visit in the 1960s extended into 35 years of residency in the States before she returned to live in Europe in 2002. In 1977, after six years, she successfully completed her mentorship training at The Prosperos School of Ontological Studies. Throughout her long practice as a mentor she has presented seminars, workshops, conducted one-to-one tutoring sessions and facilitated support/study groups. Her focus is to act as a facilitator to assist others to live beyond conditioned thinking and habitual emotional response patterns in an atmosphere of supportive community. Zoë tells that on a visit to a Greek archaeological site, someone asked her if she was an archaeologist. Tired of saying no to this oft-asked question she spontaneously responded, “I’m not an archaeologist per se, I’m an archaeologist of the soul.” That probably best describes her and her work. As she opens doors for herself she in turn opens doors for others. However, she states, “It’s up to each one of us to walk through that door.” Thus, she invites you to journey some of your Path with her.

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  • zoe’s writing brings me right to the point of self observation where the objective viewpoint exposes the need to become free of ego patterns in order to cross the bridge into the higher self.. It is so grand that we now have science supporting the existence of Universal Consciousness. Michael Conner

  • I enjoyed your article and the tape. All starts within yourself and becoming the observer observing the observer and leads to cosmic consciousness unfolding as the I-thou awareness.