There’s a great need for a forum or magazine where people with interests in esotericism, Theosophy and spirituality can come together to share information. An online magazine like Hermes is a great opportunity to do this.

Also especially important at this time is to be aware of the natural world and the problems we have with ecology, and this edition of Hermes is a great way to combine all these subjects.

Hermes, through Erica, Debbie and myself also has connections with both The European School of Theosophy and the International Theosophical History Conference. Debbie has written reviews of these events which were held in Greece, in October this year, and we will be keeping you up to date with what we plan for these conferences in the future.

The European School will take place in Scotland next year, 12th-17th October 2020. Its theme will be “The Mystery of Consciousness”, and a couple of guest speakers already booked are Edi Bilimoria and P. Krishna. It will be held at the impressive Newbattle Abbey near Edinburgh.

As with the previous two years, an interesting and informative tour will be arranged after the main conference for those who would like to explore other sites in the area, including the mysterious Rosslyn Chapel.

It is planned to hold the next International Theosophical History Conference at the TS Headquarters in Adyar, India. This will take place in February 2021, and we will keep you informed of the latest details as we have them.

It has been brilliant this year to attend the two conferences, and to help with the setting up of Hermes magazine. It’s great to see how people of like mind are coming together in a positive way, also to meet in person fellow Theosophists and others who share the same interests, and now to read some of the uplifting and thoughtful articles and pieces which are going to make up this new online magazine.

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Janet Hoult studied graphic design at Hornsey College of Art in London, where she also researched the work of the artist Kandinsky and the symbolism of the dragon. She has an interest in dowsing, ancient history, archaeology and Theosophy. In connection with these fields she co-edited 'The Essential T.C. Lethbridge' and has written and produced 'Dragons: their history and symbolism'. More recently she has been a speaker on Theosophical subjects, including 'The Secret Doctrine'.

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