Hallo and welcome to the next issue of Hermes. Many thanks to all the contributors and readers to Hermes IV which was very popular, people like art and the last issue, which can be found in the archive, was full of esoteric and inspiring art which took many forms and I would like to thank all the artists who took part in our interviews.

Hermes V will be looking at Human evolution and transformation asking the question-where is humanity going? What is the next evolutionary stage for men and women?

We challenge the readers to think about this; not just about the human population but also about one’s own individual progress and evolution in life. Does one ask oneself such questions as Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where am I going with my life? Am I developing myself? Am I an individual or just going with the tide?

What is human evolution and am I a part of it? I often wonder if humanity is evolving or de-evolving? Are we going backwards in our development or is there a way to make one’s self a true, real, living human being?

George Gurdjieff would argue that we have no being, that most of us sleepwalk through life. His teaching as well as many other traditions are there to wake us up, become aware of our fake self and find our real self. To Gurdjieff this was the way to become a real man, a real person. To find one’s real essence is to find one’s real I, not the ‘I’ that we are as we go about unconsciously in our day-to-day life. This unconscious version of ourself Gurdjieff referred to as “’I’ in quotation marks.”

Hopefully you will find the articles in this issue of Hermes to be stimulating and motivating that you will consider human evolution and your role in it.

Hermes also welcomes new contributors to this issue and we have some fascinating articles on other themes such as astrology and philosophy as well as the addition of a humour section, which will make you chuckle.

New articles will be added as this issue continues its three-month period so do check back in when you can to see what has been added. There are also the videos made by various contributors that go with the main theme and we welcome feedback on any of the articles, we like to hear your comments and views.

As we go into 2021, we at Hermes wish you all well and good health as you continue your journey on your chosen path, may it bring you health, wealth and happiness.


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Debbie Elliott is the author of various fiction works all with a theological theme. Her latest book is 'Monkey Mind Robot Body' which looks at the coming impact of AI and trans-humanism. Debbie's non-fiction work looks at the theology of all religions and the history of prominent people in these realms, her specific interests are the work of G I Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner and the megaliths of standing stones that can be found all over our world. Debbie also makes podcasts for her YouTube channel; DJ Elliott, on various topics and has interviews with a selection of great guests on subjects that range from art to zoology. Her Youtube series ‘Occult Lives’ discusses diverse subjects from astrology to theosophy." All can be found at www.debbie-elliott.co.uk

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