The following is a call for writers to contribute to the future issues of Hermes.

Hermes issue VI will launch on summer solstice 2021 and the theme will be Hidden Realms.

Traditionally we have been taught to arrogantly disbelieve anything we cannot perceive with our highly limited physical senses – and to pour scorn and cynicism on such things. And yet science continues to reveal realities beyond the physical plane of existence.

Various esoteric, religious and spiritual traditions have often enshrined the notion of both higher orders of spirits (angels or devas) as well as lower ones such as elementals and nature-spirits. In the occult scheme of things there are invisible planes of existence such as the astral and mental. Our own bodies and all living things are animated by an invisible etheric body.

In Hermes 6 we intend to explore these various invisible realms from both an esoteric and scientific standpoint, attempting to identify what they are and how they can be perceived and even accessed.

We seek-wide ranging and original ideas on this and material which demonstrates clear insight into the workings of the hidden commonwealths of nature and non-physical states of existence.

Hermes VII will look at the special occult number of 7 and its many principles. This issue will launch on the autumn equinox 2021.

The power of the number seven can be seen everywhere: in the diatonic musical scale, in the days of the week, the wonders of the ancient world and the number of the world’s continents and oceans. There are seven deadly sins, seven colours of the rainbow and Seven Heavens.

Esoterically, this prime number has special significance and underlies many eternal laws and cycles. We have seven interlinked bodies. We have seven energy nodes or chakras. Evolution proceeds through seven-strong planetary chains. In old astrology there were seven planets.

The number seven has always had magical properties. And so, we felt it appropriate that issue 7 of Hermes should explore this important septenary principle

This number has been revered since ancient times and features prominently in many religions. In the Bible’s Book of Revelation there are seven churches, seven angels, seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven stars. Muslims walk around the sacred Kaaba stone in Mecca seven times. Numerologically, it’s the number of the spirit. It represents completeness or wholeness.

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