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Fanny P. Wolstenhulme
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Fanny P. Wolstenhulme is a distinguished academic, writer, explorer and broadcaster, and Emeritus Professor of Applied Pranic Studies at the University of the Inner Mind, Shamballah, Central Mongolia. The author of numerous books and learned articles, she won the Edwin Fleece Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in 2017 for her highly-acclaimed monograph Fohat and its Implications on Chaos Theory and Sub-Luminary Particles. This is her first work of fiction. Her other ground-breaking work includes Pranic Sub-Routines Depicting Boolean Algebraic Certainties and Fibonacci Patterns in Domestic Animals (2018) and her more recent A Holistic Approach to Mathematical Derivatives of Kundalini-based Hyperspace. Born in 1912 on Ascension Island, in 1923 she was awarded a doctorate by the Pedadgogical Institute of the Central Caucasus for her ground-breaking research thesis on gastro-archaeology Alcoholic Influences of Neolithic Britain: A Cellular Perspective. A world authority on fringe cults, she is a member of numerous spiritual societies and has recently celebrated 75 years as Grand Master of the Order of the Crimson Sunset. Four-times divorced with seven children, Miss Wolstenhulme is a devoted herpatologist and divides her time between the North of England and Central Asia.