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Theosophy as a Panacea for Urban Decay In the November issue of The Lancet, the Australian version of the journal of medicine, a podcast on the countdown to health and climate

This is an organic world, the earth and water established with a diverse zoology of wildlife and plants. Yet it is beginning to become electrified, the atmosphere of this planet

On Monday 16th September, 2019, Peace Mala organised an uplifting and beautiful Interfaith service in Brecon Cathedral. The Cathedral was packed full of people of all ages, who had come

It has been said that a person becomes a true human only when his or her latent spiritual powers awaken. And this can be achieved when activating the innate power

We’re currently grappling with two contradictory and competing narratives which are entirely incompatible.We want to ‘save’ the planet. And we want year-on-year economic growth.Bizarrely we see these conflicting aspirations as

To me, Extinction Rebellion are doing a great job, they are putting forward a very positive yet protesting message that many of us were trying to tell people in the

The conventional methods of farming that have been put into place in the last one hundred years is ruining the land, the soil is eroded by chemicals, the wildlife is

All over the world, men and women alike are waking up to the need to dismantle the patriarchal structures that have dominated global civilisation for thousands of years. The changes